Class of 1946 reunion 2006

Class Secretary: Muriel Ulrich Weeks, 4941 Simmons Circle, Export PA 15632,

Class President: Jane Parsons Norris, 93 Field Ave., Auburn ME 04210-4522,

Joyce Cleland Goad is happy to report that she and Ken are still busy and happy in Virginia; Ken with his animals, garden and his latest venture with honey bees, and Joyce with bridge, reading group and keeping up with the family…. Mary Hoyt Jewett reports that she is still living in the same house where she had lived for 54 years. However, last summer she transformed her back porch into a pleasant sun room, which she and her cat now enjoy…. Suzanne Davidson Newing is still working on her family genealogy, which goes as far back as the 16th century, so she will soon bring it to a close. Now she wants to get back to her oil painting, which has been neglected…. Bert Knight and wife Olga are pursuing the “use it or lose it” philosophy. They live in a retirement community where they do little cooking, cleaning or maintenance, and have plenty of free time. They play golf and bridge, square dance once a week, and belong to several ballroom dance clubs.” Bert hopes to join the Bates skiing reunion in 2005…. Harrison Lemont has published Never Alone – Until Admiral Halsey Left…with Everyone Else (Dorrance Publishing, 2003), offering stories from World War II of his experiences “with typhoons, filth, cannibalism, and body parts in the biggest war of all times.” Harrison focuses on everyday life and the battle for control of the Philippine Islands with his Army Air Corps radar unit, just as the tide of war turned against the Japanese. Harrison is retired from 50 years as a self-employed accountant. “In the fall of 1942 I had just started at Bates when I was drafted,” he writes. “When I left Bates, the ground was covered with new-fallen snow, and as I walked away, I looked back on the campus. The moon was sending shadows from the trees across the soft white expanse. That picture stayed in my mind, unfading, throughout those war years.”… “Haven’t been around the world,” Merol Meyer Spooner says, “but do seem to go for groceries often. In April, I sold my home in Athol and moved back to Orange. Am taking a poetry course at a community college, which is great fun.”…. We send our thoughts to Jane Parsons Norris on the passing of husband Leon on Dec. 19. Leon had recovered about 95 percent from a stroke, Jane wrote earlier on the fall, “the best we can hope for.” She expressed gratitude for being able to enjoy life together…. Ruth Stillman Fernandez writes: “Lu and I are still living in our 1894 house in West Newton. We, and the house, are the oldest on our street.”… She’s a dinosaur, says Mary Tibbetts Kelly: “no cell phone, caller ID, or answering machine, no cable TV, no DVD, no computer, so no fax or e-mail. My typewriter is so old, no ribbons, but since I never had any of these necessities, I don’t miss them.”… Six church jobs keep her busy, but Muriel Ulrich Weeks didn’t let that stop her from using her 80th birthday as an excuse to hold an extended family reunion at a resort in New Hampshire…. Barbara Varney Randall has now visited Iceland a dozen times. Last fall, she taught a senior college course associated with USM in Portland, as well as taking three other courses…. Marjorie Walther Keach walks a little taller these days, now that she’s shrugged Atlas off her shoulders – she finally read Atlas Shrugged…. Richard and Geraldine Weed Malatesta are researching genealogy and retirement communities, and perfecting their computer skills in the process.