Class of 1943

Class Secretary: Jean Lombard Dyer, 6 Western Landing Rd., Chebeague Island ME 04017

Class President: Webster P. Jackson, Apt. 520, 103 Brooksby Village Dr., Peabody MA 01960,

George Antunes writes: “This has been a good year for us so far: ample rainfall; no snow; moderate temperatures; deer in the north field; wild turkeys in the south field.”… Bob Archibald has a new set of friends: “Cardiologist, urologist, podiatrist, dermatologist, general practitioner, pharmacist, dentist, ophthalmologist, optometrist, and assorted medical technicians.” Fortunately, life is tempered by the happiness that his seven grandchildren bring…. Douglas Borden says they have “come home to Rochester, N.Y., noted for its lovely weather (every July 4), mostly because all our children and grandchildren live here, and our little great-granddaughter, Hailey, had a new baby sister coming. Little Brooke arrived Oct. 7, and it is a real joy to hold her instead of just a picture.” He also notes that it is fun to sit and watch someone else doing all the yard work at their senior housing development…. Norm Boyan notes, “Some things are just harder to do than they were several years ago, including golf – or should I say, especially golf.” He keeps active in affairs at UC-Santa Barbara and in resident council matters at the retirement home. “Reading a lot, but cataracts and macular degeneration reduce some of the fun. But hearing is OK. I can hear golf balls hit trees even though I can’t tell which trees are the ones that insist on getting in the way.”… Roy Fairfield continues to work on a half dozen writing projects concurrently. He says he’s also making progress on work at the Dyer Library in Scarborough, where he’s “integrating documents and other records which have been lying fallow for at least a century.” Making them accessible via computer is also on that agenda; Phyllis Hicks Wood has been very much involved with that process. Roy also works with Woody on the collection committee…. Norman Powell has a new right knee, compliments of Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor…. Francis Jones continues to work one day a week in the department of pathology at the Univ. of Tennessee Medical Center. “That leaves time for photography, tennis, and helping around the house, including gardening. Also, I am digitizing photographs taken by my father, including photographs which were taken while he attended Bates in 1905 to 1906. It is fun to see the Bates campus as it was then – nearly a century ago.”… Jean Lombard Dyer was part of the groups working to keep an LNG terminal out of Casco Bay. She is on the Casco Bay Island Development Assn. steering committee and on the board of the Casco Bay Estuary Partnership…. Doris Lyman Krohmer has only one more year to go until she is rich – that’s when her children and grandchildren finally finish college. She’s already planning cruises…. Vincent McKusick, former chief justice of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court and an attorney at Portland-based Pierce Atwood LLP, is listed in the 11th edition of The Best Lawyers in America. Vincent is recognized for his work in alternative dispute resolution…. He can catch stone crabs right off the pier behind his lot, but David Sawyer has to watch out for a huge old great blue heron who also fishes off the pier and growls (yes, growls) whenever he’s approached at night. “Who wants to tangle with a bird that carries an eight-inch dagger sticking out of his head?” David’s new pacemaker makes him livelier than previously…. Peg Soper Witham has been in a clinical trial study of a new drug for macular degeneration and is experiencing a wonderful improvement…. William and Ruth Parkhurst Stirling ’44 “are still living, though more slowly. Spend more time at our place on First Roach Pond in Township A, Range 13, Maine (20-plus miles north of Greenville) in the summer months, but find we open up later in the spring and close up earlier in the fall.”… Minert Thompson has liquidated his small corporation so no longer has a “job.” “I think at age 85, it’s time I finally retired.” One of Art Watts’ friends at The Forest at Duke told him he had a cousin who went to Bates. “Guess who: Web Jackson.”… Muriel Treadwell writes: “Fell Oct. 9, 2004, and broke hip, surgery Oct. 10; fell again Oct. 13, 2004, broke shoulder.” At Sanford Health Care Facility for therapy at present date, Nov. 20, 2004.”… Phyl Hicks Wood made 15 quilts for Venezuelan kids who were operated on by American doctors for cleft palates. The quilts were given to the kids for their “very own.” This was part of a Rotarian project that son Bob is involved in. At a committee meeting of the Casco Bay Island Transit District last week, she noticed that one side of the u-shaped table arrangement was totally Bates: Chuck Radis ’75, Gene Taylor ’56, Bud Fisher ’41, Ginny Stockman Fisher ’44, Jean Lombard Dyer ’43.