Class of 1994 reunion 2009

Class Secretary: Sarah Niles Whitney, 5011 Wendi Dr. W, Zionsville PA 18092,

Class President: Jane Armstrong, Apt. 102, 1939 N Kenmore Ave., Los Angeles CA 90027,

Kimberly Crichton was profiled by the Maine Sunday Telegram in a feature on jobs in Maine. A Maine native, Crichton returned to the state after working and attending law school in Washington, D.C., to “find a job where her employers would expect that she wanted something more out of life than to work around the clock.” She added, “Maine’s really about whole people, not segmented people.”… Natasha Friend, living in the Boston area, published her middle-grade novel, Perfect, in 2004. Says Natasha, “Even if pre-teen girl fiction is not your cup of tea, please feel free to spread the word to girls 9 to 14, as well as parents, teachers, and counselors thereof!” The novel tells the story of Isabelle Lee, “a bright, sassy, socially conflicted 13-year-old who just happens to be struggling with the death of her father, a mother who’s in denial, a snooping little sister, and bulimia.” Kirkus Reviews noted: “Clearly and simply written with a nice balance of humor and drama, with insight into the mind of 13-year-olds and how families suffer from trauma, this story can speak to girls coping with their own transitions into adolescence.”