Class of 1950 reunion 2005

Class Secretary: Lois Keniston Penney, 75 Hickory Hill Rd., Kensington CT 06037,

Class President: Weston Bonney, 263 Clifton St., Portland ME 04103,

The class is saddened by the recent death of Arthur Griffiths, on Jan. 30, and extends our sympathy to Lois (Spoffard) ’51, and their children, Thomas ’73, John ’75,  Linda Griffiths Johnson ’77, and Carol Griffiths ’81…. David Turell has published his second book, Science vs. Religion: The 500-Year War (PublishAmerica, 2004). In his book David argues that “scientific discoveries do more to logically prove the existence of God than to remove God as the source of the universe and human beings.” A retired physician, David wrote this book as a result of his personal search for spiritual truths, from being an agnostic to a person who believes in God.