Class of 1992 reunion 2007

Class Secretary: Ami Lynn Berger, 1721 Ashland Ave., St. Paul MN 55104,

Class President: Roland Davis, 8 Infiniti Way, Auburn ME 04210,

A New York Times column on traveling with children – and how parents worry about raising the ire of fellow travelers – offered thoughts from Michael Lieber, a Chicago lawyer who travels for business and with his family. He and his wife, Rebecca, have year-old twins, and even before their birth, the couple discussed travel strategy and pre-flight logistics. “We talk our way through it,” he told the Times. “Who’s going to hold whom, who’s going to fold up the stroller, who’s going to make sure that all the keys and cellphones and computers are out of bags. I think anybody who has a baby should think about those things before they go to the airport, because it relieves stress, and one of the things that helps the kids do better on a flight is if they realize their parents are less stressed out, they’ll react more positively.”… Paola San Martini writes: “I am still teaching IB math at the American Embassy School in New Delhi, India. Husband Luke teaches technology there. His three kids have finished junior, freshman, and seventh-grade years. We have done tons of traveling in India and Asia and are headed back there in the fall.”… Rob Saybolt writes: “Married Bridget May in 2002; doing cyclocross, completed Paris-Brest-Paris randonnee in 2003.”