Class of 2004 reunion 2009

Class President: Eduardo Crespo, Apt. 714, 33 Gold St. New York NY 10038,

Class Secretary: Tanya Schwartz, Apt. 9, 499 E Ann St., Ann Arbor, MI 48104,

Jennifer Ambrose plans to resume teaching kickboxing at a gym near the home she shares with Curt Lyford in Boston. Curt is biding his time before grad school at CSN Stores, an online retail store. Jennifer is working at Bedford/ St. Martin’s, a humanities textbook publishing company. On Saturdays, they wake up longing for chicken patties…. Matt Baline loves the warm weather in Austin, Texas, where he works for Cisco Systems in their newly-acquired network monitoring and security division…. In Lake Tahoe, Hannah Blazejewski and Freida Sahady work at night, so they can snowboard all day. They explain it this way: “Nyah, nyah, nanyah, nyah!”… Jer Brown is enjoying his physics Ph.D. program in Boulder, Colo…. Kristin Brush works at a school for autistic children in Hartford, Conn. She plans to attend graduate school next year to obtain a master’s in social work…. Jared Cash couldn’t stay away from Bates and is now an assistant dean of admissions…. Justin Cidado works for Novartis (a biomedical/pharmaceutical company) and lives in Cambridge, Mass…. While working with a South Portland non-profit that houses people with mental illnesses, Cathy Cloutier takes classes through the agency to get her MHRT-1 certification…. Timothy Cooke lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, working at an international school called DIS, Denmark’s International Studies Program. He serves as the academic counseling assistant, assisting the registrar with all different types of projects. Timothy is hoping to either stay in Denmark, or apply to a graduate program in international relations in order to begin school in the Fall of 2005…. Kristy Crawford is attending Northeastern Law School. She reports that school is going great, is very stressful at times, but she loves it and loves Boston…. Eduardo Crespo is working at Goldman Sachs in New York City, working in Pan European equities…. Adam Crossman has landed a job with Linsco Private Ledger in San Diego, Calif. (which is owned by fellow Bates alum Todd Robinson ’79)…. Christina Doukeris has been busy working for IBM on the supply-chain management proposal for the major U.S. Agency for International Development initiative known as the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). “I was just given the role of corporate capabilities lead. There are five leads on the initiative, which is one of the largest deals in IBM history. My other leads include my past manager, service area leaders, and USAID partners (so this is a pretty big deal). I began as support staff, made the small core team for my role on the medical procurement team, and then was given a lead position.”… Maya Dutt is working in Boston as a paralegal at a fairly large firm. She likes the people she works with and the job. The kind of work Maya’s doing relates back to her thesis about immigration law and reform. She lives in Somerville with Alyssa Asack and Britt Emmons…. Julie Dutton lives in New Hampshire and works as a high school English teacher at Timberlane Regional High School…. Anna Felton is working on a master’s degree in geosciences at the Univ. of Arizona. She spent the summer in Tanzania working on obtaining and examining sediment cores from Lake Tanganyika (second biggest lake in the world). In January, Anna’s research on East African rift lakes took her back to Africa to work on a drill right on Lake Malawi to get really long sediment cores…. Danielle Gahr is in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where she is teaching English to children ages 5 to 10 and teenagers 15 to 18. In September, she earned her TEFL certification at TEFL International…. Molly Graham is pursuing a master’s degree in statistics at Northwestern…. Beth Greene is an analyst for HealthMETRICS Partners Inc., a healthcare management consulting firm outside Boston. The company conducts projects on a variety of healthcare services, including WIC, women’s reproductive health, prenatal care, surgical procedures, and cervical cancer screening. Beth works on a project for the Massachusetts WIC Nutrition Program, with the main goal of increasing clinical quality, while decreasing costs…. Charlie Henry did a stage management internship at the Arena theater, in Washington, D.C…. Adam Heller graduated from Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning in December and is now in Arizona at intelligence school…. Ariel Hirshberg teaches at Westminster School in Simsbury, Conn. She is teaching English to freshmen and sophomores, coaching boys’ JV soccer and now girls’ varsity basketball, and working in the dorm as a corridor supervisor. Ariel reports that it is incredibly exhausting having to be the smart one in the classroom at all times, but is learning and having fun during her ridiculously long vacations…. Lauren Holmes is working at Mass. General Hospital in Boston for a Harvard Medical School professor. She is researching the genetic basis of different psychiatric disorders while conducting clinical interviews and cognitive exams on children…. Elizabeth Jackson works for Pathfinder International, based in Boston, a nonprofit that works in over 30 countries throughout the world supporting, developing and implementing health programs. They focus on HIV/AIDS programs, family planning, infectious diseases, general health education and building up community health programs…. Glen Janke moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, at the end of the summer. He will graduate from the Utah College of Massage Therapy in May…. Nikolai Jensen is working in a boutique ad agency in Copenhagen, Denmark…. Lori Jessup works as a paralegal at Reed Smith in Princeton, N.J. She loves her job as assistant to legal counsel for the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation. Along with the assistant lacrosse coach at Penn, Lori has founded a post-collegiate club lacrosse team, Philly Women’s Lacrosse, which will compete across the country…. Ian Jones is networking and fundraising for the organization he is starting, the Maine-Ghana Youth Network. Ian played in a benefit concert at Bates, and headed to Ghana for the winter to work with kids and play music…. Julia Judson-Rea finished up work at the Lloyd Center for the Environment in South Dartmouth, Mass., and then headed to Beirut, Lebanon, where she will develop an environmental education program for a new non-profit called Healthy Basket…. Meredith Katter is an elementary teacher at the Landmark School in Manchester, Mass. The school serves students with language-based learning disabilities. She is also working towards her master’s in education with initial licensure in moderate disabilities, through a Landmark-Simmons program…. Alison Keen lives in Brunswick and works as a veterinary assistant at the Androscoggin Animal Hospital…. Kate Kolstad attends UC-Berkeley, working towards her doctorate in molecular cell biology…. Rebecca Kushins lives and works at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies in Barre, Mass…. Sarah Levine is an associate project manager for an information technology firm, Hubbard One, in Chicago…. Jesse Lewin coordinates therapeutic clinical trials of chemotherapy agents for prostate and other solid tumor cancers at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City…. In Phoenix, Trent Lierman worked with the Jesuit Volunteer Program as a job developer at an organization called St. Joseph the Worker Job Service. It is a free service to help people find work,
working with people without homes, those who have committed felonies and others who have trouble finding work…. Mike Lydon is the director of fund raising for the Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition. He is also volunteering with Northeastern’s Center for Urban and Regional Policy, and working with the New England Chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism. Mike plans to attend graduate school for urban planning next fall…. Rachael Madden-Connor volunteers as the assistant to the executive director of a nonprofit law firm in Chicago…. Craig Madsen writes: “Spent the winter working in the Alaskan fishing industry aboard a king crab and opilio crab boat. Currently living in San Francisco and enjoying the West Coast.”… Emily Marsters is working at ORA, with all the other Batesies, and living in Davis Square. She is in the process of applying to medical school…. The beach is 20 minutes west and the slopes 90 minutes northeast, says Owen Miehe. He and Chad Mountain live in Hollywood, Calif., where he is a district sales manager for a company called ADP…. Tim Miller works for IBM Business Consulting Services in Virginia, and finds the adjustment from Bates to corporate America to be surprisingly easy – in both places there is a lot to learn…. Tahlia Naumburg teaches and coaches (volleyball, basketball, and soccer) middle school (sixth to eighth grade) at a private school in Boulder, Colo. She plans to apply to graduate schools in Boston and New York…. Katie Papadonis moved to New York City and started a job with Credit Suisse First Boston in Campus Recruiting. She reports that it is great to be on the other side of the interview process…. Tristan Pelham-Webb is debating between pursuing a Ph.D. in philosophy or saving money to start a small business…. Tory Peterson is working as an actuary at MetLife Auto and Home in Warwick, R.I. She’s looking into graduate school…. Michael Philbrick graduated from U.S. Marine Corps boot camp in October and then infantry training at Camp Lejeune, N.C., this winter. Mike will join a reserve unit in Topsham, Maine, and will live and work nearby for a short period while he applies to Navy Officer Candidate School…. Toby Pinn is attending the Univ. of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine in Madison…. Stephanie Praino has moved out to sunny California for a job with Pacific Gas and Electric Company. She lives in San Francisco now, after spending three months in Berkeley over the summer. Stephanie works in the energy efficiency department of PG&E with a program that encourages and facilitates sustainable, or “green,” new construction projects…. After spending two months in Saigon, Vietnam, where she received her TEFL certificate, Megan Price accepted a position in Seoul, Korea. She works at an English immersion school called Seoul English Village – it’s the first of its kind and makes the front page of the Korea Herald at least once a week. Fifth- and sixth-graders come with their schools and stay for a week. During the day, they practice their English at different “situations” around campus: a bank, hotel, hospital, movie theater, hip-hop class, magic class, cooking class, etc…. Aaron Putnam is enrolled in a geology master’s program at the Climate Institute at UMaine. He worked in Antarctica for two months this winter, collecting data from the southwestern Trans-Antarctic Mountains to better understand the instability of the Antarctic ice sheets, and how that relates to abrupt global climate changes…. Jenna Reynolds works at Lamoille Valley Veterinary Services in Vermont. She hopes to start veterinary school in a year or two…. Michael Roberts is on a Fulbright Scholarship to Mongolia. He reports that he is “riding furry ponies, drinking vodka, training in the ancient art of Mongolian wrestling, growing the world’s least impressive handlebar moustache and generally rocking out in the middle of nowhere.”… Christian Rogers works on the equity sales desk at Credit Suisse First Boston in New York City…. Noah Sabich lives in Paris and is enrolled in a master’s program in French through Middlebury College. His concentration is in translation and he is preparing a thesis that focuses on the difficulties of both horizontal and vertical translation. Noah has had some opportunity to travel in France, including several days surfing in Biarritz, a Basque town that borders Spain…. Dave Schmidt gave up teaching the history and practice of trapping, forestry, and entertainment at the Colorado Outdoor Education Center to return to St. Louis, where he is helping out at the newly formed St. Louis Cancer Foundation. He hopes to move to Tuscany this spring to oversee a route for a European bike tour company…. Joshua Schneider is employed at IBM in Washington, D.C., working on a project in Oklahoma City with Scott Lombardi and John Branding ’02. Their team is competing to win a project transforming the Air Logistics Center at Tinker Air Force Base. They are using Lean methodology to create a more efficient environment for maintenance repair and overhaul of Air Force jets, engines, and commodities. Scott and Josh are both still based out of the D.C. area and commute every week to Oklahoma City…. Hillary Schwab is pursuing a master’s degree in education and a California elementary teaching credential at Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles. She plans to teach fifth- or sixth- grade science….Tanya Schwartz is studying social work and social policy at the Univ. of Michigan. Her long days are full of classes, an internship, work, and doing research for a professor. She started working for the United Way in January…. Katy Seager works at Planned Parenthood as a counselor and interpreter for Spanish-speaking patients. Her long-term plans include teaching English in South America in January 2006…. Leslie Shages is going to Ghana for two months to work with and take photographs for Women in Progress…. Tony Silva has been living in Washington, D.C., since June and thinks he will be there for quite some time. He is having a great experience working for Fannie Mae as a financial analyst…. Andrew Simon worked on the Presidential Inaugural Committee, planning and preparing for the inauguration and the various inaugural balls…. Bill Spirer lives in Brooklyn and teaches high school history through the Teach for America program…. Alex Strekel, Justin Guiles, Ramon Garcia, and Mike Lopez are completing an internship at the Institute for International Sport, run by Bates graduate Dan Doyle ’72. They share a house and a workplace and spend all their free time together. Mike reports that Ramon buys enough rice to feed Rhode Island. Alex eats eggs for dinner and is starting a power yoga class. Justin plays a lot of basketball and is getting really good at hitting lay-ups. Meanwhile, Mike watches, laughs and remembers beating Williams…. Benjamin Takai works for an international AIDS research facility based in Washington, D.C., that contracts out to the federal government and several private drug companies. He supports international AIDS research projects in sub-Saharan Africa, providing translating support, as well as protocol review…. Sarah Tolford is working as an EMT for Northeast Mobile Health Services in South Portland, Maine, and taking some classes at Southern Maine Community College to keep up with school. She reports that it has been a nice transition year and a bi
t of a break. Next year, Sarah will be attending the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine in Biddeford…. Heidi Webb works for Carney Sandoe & Associates, the educational placement and recruitment firm, in Boston…. Madeleine West is a congressional affairs assistant in the State Department’s Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs. She spent a week in Buenos Aires in December as a member of the U.S. delegation at a UN climate change convention…. Val Wicks sells hotdogs at a place called Mustard’s Last Stand in Boulder, Colo., although she plans to move back to the East Coast very shortly.