Class of 1978 reunion 2008

Class Secretary: Chip Beckwith, 200 Cabrini Boulevard, Apt. 44, New York NY 10033,

Co-Class Presidents: Mark and Dori Carlson Reinhalter, 1611 Belvedere Blvd., Silver Spring MD 20902,

On the eve of the 2004 World Series, The Boston Globe reviewed the Red Sox’s previous series appearances. Writing the 1946 entry, Dick Johnson debunks the idea that Johnny Pesky held the ball as Enos Slaughter scored from first; points out that Ted Williams’ elbow injury greatly contributed to his .200 series average; and notes various executive and managerial blunders that probably cost the Sox the series. Dick serves as curator of The Sports Museum at the FleetCenter and is author of 12 books…. With Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, John Johnston is now executive vice president of Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He oversees the company’s development in the region and is also responsible for day-to-day operations of Fairmont Hotels & Resorts in the area. In 2006, Fairmont will open the Fairmont Cairo, Nile City; the Fairmont Palm Hotel & Resort in Dubai; and the Fairmont Abu Dhabi Resort & Villas…. Thomas Kowalczyk writes: “I am currently retired and spend my time playing golf, traveling, and watching way too many sporting events.”