Everything Else

Rock climbing at Rumney (Sarah Crosby photo)

Here you will find a full list and description of the different “Everything Else” trips we offer. Click on the drop-down boxes to learn more about the awesome Batesies who will lead them! 

Art Trip (Low Physical Strenuousness)

Art Trip Leaders: Eden Rickolt and Nate Reed

Hello, hello! My name is Eden but you can also call me the edester (a fun flirty fresh nickname I gave to myself in middle school)! I am a junior at Bates and am so excited to lead the art and hiking trip with Nate. I both love art and love hiking. what a coincidence?! At Bates I am majoring in studio art and american cultural studies with a minor in deconstructing commons cereal flavors. I also am in Bates’ improv comedy group the strange bedfellows, I play ultimate frisbee sometimes and am starting a literary arts magazine. I love spending time being silly and playing games with friends, I love meeting new people, I love my dog, I love stuff that involves water (such as but not limited to: splashing in a lake, slip n slides, and apple bobbing), I love petting zoos, I love laughing, I love life and most importantly; I love love. Can’t wait to meet you all! :P

Hello, my name is Nate, I’m from Petoskey, Michigan, and I am a Junior at Bates. Eden and I are leading Art and Hiking and I can’t wait! I love the outdoors and I’m a huge art guy. I am majoring in biology and minoring in music, but I spend most of my time doing all sorts of other fun stuff! I played soccer at Bates the past two years (and a bunch of sports in high school), I’m in the Bates Musicians’ Union, and a member of the Bates Steel Pan Orchestra. I also love meeting new people, building things, traveling, Michigan sports teams, camping, and all things music. Because I played soccer freshman year, I never got to go on an AESOP so I’m counting down the days!!! Can’t wait to meet everyone!

Spend your days with a delicious mix of Maine fun visiting art galleries, artist’s studios, Monhegan Island, and picturesque artistic spaces along the Maine Coast, as well as doing some low-key and beautiful short day hikes. Students will have the opportunity to explore in creative endeavors such as painting, drawing, performance arts writing, and/or photography in a variety of settings and landscapes. Monhegan Island is somewhat of a pilgrimage site for high profile artists who are drawn to the island year after year as a source of inspiration. Do as many famous and world renowned artists have done in the past, and experience the Maine mid-coast region through an artistic lens, and take inspiration from the natural spaces you will spend time in while hiking and hanging out!

Aroostook Daytripping (Low Physical Strenuousness)

Aroostook County Daytripping Leaders: Matt Suslovic and Margaret Dever

Salutations everyone! My name is Matt Suslovic and together with you, me, and the fabulous Margaret Dever boy are we in for an unforgettable and special AESOP trip! I hail from the land of blueberries, ranked-choice voting, buying lobsters at your local gas station, and the people with the best pronunciation of the word “wharf” the world has ever heard! Being from Portland, Maine might make me a city slicker by Maine standards (all things being very relative here) but this is why I am so excited we’ll be taking y’alls up to the largest county east of the Rockies – Aroostook (known around here simply as “the County”). We’re gonna catch some breathtaking natural sights, meet some real interesting people, learn a lot about the County’s agricultural history and its indigenous Wabanaki culture/history, and if we’re lucky we’ll shift a few paradigms in thinking about rural/urban, north/south, conservative/liberal and American/Native American dichotomies. Camping…Potatoes…Critical Thinking…what more could you ask for in an AESOP trip?! And now a little about me; some of my favorite things to do at Bates include adding pesto on just about everything in Commons, chatting it up with senior citizens while driving them in golf carts across campus during reunion, and playing UNO with Lewiston Middle Schoolers while talking with them about school, life, and the latest new social/fashion/dance trend (if it weren’t for them I would be 5 years behind on everything). I hope you’ll find that Margaret and I are super down-to-earth people and we can’t wait to get to know all of you over AESOP and the rest of the year! See you this fall!

Marge forgot to send us a bio but is super rad and will be leading with Matt! They’re both stoked to meet y’all.

Come explore the northeasternmost county in the U.S.! Learn about Aroostook County from people who have lived there all their lives and enjoy the beauty of the remote setting. This trip will explore regional indigenous culture, traditional agricultural practices (hint: think potatoes) and local museums! In addition, enjoy swimming, camping, short hikes and more. For anyone with an interest in Indigenous culture in Maine, agriculture, or environmental science, this trip is for you!

Nezinscot Farm Trip (Low Physical Strenuousness)

Nezinscot Farm Trip Leaders: Max Gardner and Grace Ellrodt

Hey Everyone. My name is Max Gardner, I’m a sophomore from New York City, and I can’t wait to lead you to one of the very best farms in all of Androscoggin County, Nezinscot. The city streets are where I honed my farm skills. I learned to drive a tractor at age five and by my tenth birthday I could milk two cows at the same time. When I hit puberty, I could weave lamb’s wool with my eyes closed. At school, I’m a politics major and a rhetoric minor, so I’ll be able to provide the theories of Aristotle and Socrates as bedtime tales. Also, as a member of Bates EMS, if anything goes awry, I’ll know how to dial 911(jokes, I got skills). I own one pair of Carhartt pants and have been to one professional rodeo, so if you need any bull wrangling you know who to call. Growing up with a feisty younger brother, I got a lot of early practice brawling with him. I was a pretty dominant mostly due to the fact that I was a pretty big baby. This chubbiness is where my nickname “buh-buh” originates from. Anyway, with the combination of my farm skilz and Grace’s animal expertise, it’s safe to say that this is going to be a pretty epic trip. Hit us up on Kik if you’re interested (but actually please sign up through the normal process on good sweet garnet gateway).

Hi friends!! My name is Grace Ellrodt (the last name is a bear. Once, I’ll just share, a letter came that spelled my last name with no vowels whatsoever). My nicknames include, but are not limited to, G-Rod (4-5th grade travel basketball glory days – on steroids) and G-Racer, which, excitingly, evolved into Speed Gracer. I am not, however, a wildly fast-paced person. Growing up in the most lovely summer getaway of Lenox, Massachusetts (near Boston, sure), I love a long run by the farms around my house with a Moth podcast, a paddle board with ample time for distracted floating + visits to others’ water trampolines, and a front-porch-sit with my dad Gray (smart. Savvy. Entirely too tall and often uncomfortable for it), Huck (a pup dedicated to just staring at you lovingly), Phinn (an exceedingly lazy Great Dane with an opthamologist), and Walter (a Boston Terrier who became an old man on day 2 of life). Growing up with a twin brother (known to frequent in Chubbies and JammyPack- don’t draw conclusions- he’s first rate), another brother close behind (eyes are blue with a yellow ring, has lived in Berlin, cooler than cryotherapy), and our friends packed around the kitchen island, I gravitate toward high-energy people and places —-> AESOP. I’ll put it out there that I myself have never once farmed in a real way. That’s where the rugged, gem-of-a-boy Max comes in. Learning is entirely part of the experience. For an AESOP with moments to just float, and moments to revel in the energy of the the land, wholesome food and friends, and your upcoming college joy(!!!!!), come farming!!

Farm Trip Leaders: Miranda Padilla and Topher Castaneda

Hey everyone, I’m Miranda! *whispers* the cooler leader *whispers* and I’m a rising Senior from Midland, Texas. I have 6 dogs, 4 of which are weenie dogs that look just like hot dogs! In my free time I like to RUN, write poetry and prose, shake my booty, and sing Selena songs like Bidi Bidi Bom Bom (look it up if you don’t know it, it’s mandatory ;))! Here at Bates, I am double major in Gender & Sexuality Studies and Politics and I am President of our Women of Color Club on campus. I am so excited to meet you all!

Topher here! I am from Los Angeles and will be a Junior this coming year. You may think this means I’ve met tons of celebrities and surf, but I sadly don’t. In my down time I like to sing with my a capella group, dance along to some cumbia, and model in the nude (it’s a job, I swear!). If Bates allowed us to have pets, I’d OBVIOUSLY have a tortoise named Mojave. On campus I am Environmental Studies major with minors in Dance and Math and I am president of Outfront. I am so excited to meet you all!

One of these trips will be staying at the beautiful Nezinscot Farm in Turner, Maine, the other will be staying in another still TBD equally wonderful local farm. Nezionscot Farm is a favorite of Bates students for its homemade goods and delicious farm breakfasts. AESOPers on these trips will learn about farm life through hands on participation in daily activities such as feeding the animals and working in the vegetable fields. If you’re lucky, Gloria, the owner of Nezinscot, will make you dinner! 

Surfing (Low Physical Strenuousness)

Surfing I Leaders: Zander Rolph and Luca Polgar

Hi, it’s Zanbaby, Zander Rolph from SLO CA where I shred the gnar on the waves and splish splashy in the tide pools. I’m a rising junior at bates and spend most of my time standing on Mount David or engaging in academic activities and that’s it, except for when I led AESOP last year with Erni who is now an AESOP Coord! I have a good smile. In my spare time, I play squash, I get sendy climbing, I am on the Bates IM Water Polo team, but most importantly I know how to lifeguard. I can’t wait to catch some waves and give you some shreddy tips on how to have a good time at Bates. I have crazy stories from Bates as examples I was on tv on a snow day. If you are down to have a wet and wild time surfing and chillin on the beach. Peace and love kids, super stoked to meet you all. Hugs and kisses -Z

Whats up Aesopers!! My name is Luca Polgar your local Hungarian, I’m from Budapest where I love to hit the town with some fellow squash girls as well as windsurfing, sailing, and wake boarding. At Bates I’m a rising junior physics and math double major and my hobbies include playing number 1 on the Bates squash team and destroying other, less bobcat-filled schools on the squash court. Some fun facts about me are that I love watching celebrity interviews on youtube and I don’t eat vegetables. I can’t wait to meet y’all and give you tips on how to make the Bates instagram and how to get by at Bates with an entirely pink wardrobe. I’m super stoked to hit the waves with yall and live it up at the beach for 4 days with yall!! <3

Surfing II Leaders: Nelly Junesand and Maximilian Friedenwald-Fishman

Hey ‘SOPERS, I’m Max Friedenwald-Fishman, and I’m here to tell you about my amazing, extraordinary, intelligent, and all around perfect co-leader (Nelly most def didn’t tell me to say that), Nelly Junesand (we ballroom dance together and live on the same floor. TBH honest, I’m a little tired of her). HEY HEY! Her name is Nelly Junesand, but you can just call her Big N. She is from Stockholm, Sweden, the coldest place ever, so the waters of Maine feel like a warm bathtub to her. Here at Bates, her daily schedule includes eating three cones of soft serve (more like 7 but she likes to say three so no one worries about her health), listening to Swedish music WAY too loudly (ABBA WAZZUP, money money?, take a CHANCE??), and of course… SURFING! In all honesty she never surfed before Bates, but quickly learned to hang ten, get through the doggy door, and dodge those nasty ankle biters (see, she obviously knows her shred lingo). Don’t be intimidated by her gnarlyness though, I’ve gone over the handlebars a few times and eaten the sand (TB to when Max pushed her off the board…). Besides all that, she loves hanging out with friends, studying under the trees on the quad, and perfecting the art of latte making. If she had a spirit animal it would be a giraffe ‘cause she’s like 7 feet tall and she has a French fry addiction. She is so excited to shred with y’all at the end of the summer with her inspiring, helt otrolig, and pulchritudinous best friend Max Fried-Fish. So… if you’re ready young grommet, she’ll see you at the beach. P.S. If you choose Surfing II, Big N will not only teach you how to surf, but also how to knit. She is a world class knitting champ. If you’re lucky she might knit you your own wetsuit.

WAZZZUUUPP, I’m Nelly, the Swedish fish, I’m here to tell you about my fun, flirty, and quirky friend and co-leader Mr. Friedenwald-Fishman. Max and I go way waaay back, all the way back to 2017 SURFING II (you heard it here first we went on the same trip we’re now leading). Since I’ve known Max for so long I know everything about him, all the goods all the bads. Max hails from Portland, Oregon (he’s very passionate about it, don’t ever say ANYTHING bad about Portland, Oregon cause Mr. Friedenwald-Fishman might cry ;(, it got real awkward last year…). Mr. Friedenwald-Fisman loves singing, he sings all the time, when we’re eating, dancing, SURFING, when he’s on TV (Max is actually a TV-star, one of his MANY perks, but more about this if you go on the trip), working-out, playing Frisbee, and his roommate says he even sings in his sleep. When it comes to surfing Max was born and raised a surf GOD. As a kid he could not stop watching Surf’s UP and so now he shreds the waves much like Cody Maverick. Max likes to hit some Gnarly Barrels (if you do not know what I’m talking about, DO NOT FEAR!!! WE WILL TEACH YOU ALL THE VOCAB YOU COULD POSSIBLY NEED ON THE COASTS OF MAINE!!!) and if it is too hard you can always take the doggy door, that’s what I used to do BEFORE Surfing II after which I went pro. Since my exceptional co-leader originates from the west coast (THE COAST OF WAVES like us surfers refer to it as) and is used to waves as big as 50 (!!!) meters (yes, I’m European and use the metric system) Max rips the Maine waves like no one else. During surfing II Max has promised that he will teach everyone how to FLY. You might think to yourself “that’s impossible, people can’t fly”, well come surf with us and he’ll show you it’s NOT ;) xoxo surfing girl.

Maine has some of the most beautiful beaches on the east coast. Georgetown is located in on the southern Maine coast and is one of the premiere surfing spots in Maine. Enjoy 4 days of surfing on the coast of Maine all while camping in Sagadohoc Bay. This trip is meant for all levels of experience; whether you’ve been surfing for years or have never seen the ocean before. Camp by night and surf, relax, and explore Georgetown by day.

Rock Climbing (Moderate Physical Strenuousness)

Rock Climbing I Leaders: Mitch Willsey and Maddy Smith

Hey, Maddy here. Future AESOPers, know this: Mitch is a highly certified professional fun-haver. He hails from the humble land of Connecticut, and is about to begin his Junior year here at Bates College. On campus you can find him playing ultimate Frisbee, schooling his students at the rock wall where he a Professor Emeritus of climbing, buildering (aka bouldering on buildings! Don’t try this at home, kids!), and doing various other outdoorsy activities. He is beyond stoked for this year’s AESOP! Fun fact: Mitch and Maddy can both juggle (plans for a traveling circus have been cancelled due to budget cuts).

Good afternoon Bobkittens and welcome to Maddy’s bio! I am Maddy’s (second-time) co-leader Mitch and I will be your tour guide for this short adventure. Maddy comes from the wonderful state of Illinois and is a rising junior at Bates College. On campus they are a Lead Organizer for Bates Student Action (get rowdy!) Maddy was raised by carnies in a traveling circus and is fluent in the arts of juggling, unicycling, and getting out of a Chinese finger trap. Fun fact: Maddy and I met on the rock climbing AESOP back in the dizzay. Now Maddy is extra super stoked to lead all newcomers to the wild untamed cliffs of Rumney New Hampshire!

Rock Climbing II Leaders: Kelley Attenborough and Sarah Abbott

What’s crackin soppers?? I’m Kelley from Boston, Lovell, and Big Sky. You could call me the triple threat. I’m a guy with an ambiguous name who loves to climb, hike, ski, surf and browse Newschoolers forums. Get ready for the best 4 days of your life, Rock Climbing!!! I did this trip last year and it was probably the second coolest experience I’ve ever had rock climbing. Second only to free soloing the Dawn Wall. Get @ me Alex Honnold. If you have never rock climbed before don’t worry. I may not know how to tie a figure 8, but the rest of the climbing leaders do. I’m without a doubt the fourth best climber out of the four rock climbing leaders. Rumney is one of the raddest places to climb in New England, along with Salt Pump and the Bates climbing wall. A normal day on campus for me includes eating copious amounts of Lucky Charms and sleeping in my Port-a-ledge hanging off of the commons mezzanine. Abbott is a dope co-leader and I know you all will love her as much as I do. In all seriousness though, this trip is going to be awesome and you’ll have a blast regardless of your climbing level. Plus who wouldn’t want to hangout in the wilderness and climb for four days? Sounds like the best first day of school ever! Can’t wait to send hard and channel our inner Chris Sharma together! Catch you at the crag!

HEYYY friends! I’m Abbott, Sarah Abbott, but ya’ll can call me Abbott! I’M SOOOO hyped to be leading the Rock Climbing II AESOP with my pal Kelley!! I’m from New Jersey (where we have good bagels and bad climbing). I love to rock climb and go on adventures. It’s my philosophy that there is rock climber in everyone and that everyone is a rock climber! In addition to climbing, I run cross country, attend classes and get creative with making meals in Commons. I hope to be an Environmental Studies and Chemistry double major, but who really knows at this point. I am, however, decidedly excited to get some new Batesies on a fantastic rockin’ trip. I love Bates and I hope you will too!

For first time climbers and advanced climbers alike! This trip lets you live on the edge for 4 days as you scale up the face of a cliff, go bouldering, and learn how to belay. Afraid of heights? Our fearless and highly experienced leaders will take good care of you as they guide you along your path and we assure you that it will be the most exhilarating 4 days of your life! What better way to explore Maine and New Hampshire than dangling (safely, tied into a harness!!) off a cliff?

Biking in Acadia (Intermediate Physical Strenuousness)

Biking in Acadia Leaders: Emma Soler and Tristan van Rooden

I, Emma Rachel Soler, the first of my name, hail from the lovely, semi-forested, semi-suburb (very suburb) region called Bethesda, Maryland. I am a rising junior at Bates College (obviously Bates) and I have an absolutely amazing pupper and best pal named Sussex at home. My dog doesn’t really take to everyone, but he absolutely loves my fellow AESOP leader Tristan. At Bates, if I’m not diligently trapping out the library (is that what the kids say?) or in the Dining Commons making food in some sort of spherical eating apparatus then you can most likely find me running along the love of my life; the Lewiston river path. I currently live in the quiet house here on campus because I believe that the party should stay at the library (where I trap out). This summer I will be lancing my Armstrong and training for a century bike race in preparation for AESOP! Don’t fret about biking experience though, as my co-leader has little to no experience outside of casual neighborhood biking, but by the end of this trip you’ll all have become road-biking pros. Anyways we are super excited to get to know y’all and go adventuring!

Heyo future AESOPers! My name is Tristan van Rooden, and I hail from the most wonderful US non-state that is taxed without being represented: Washington, DC. I’m originally from the Netherlands, otherwise known as the land of blonde-hair, blue-eyed bike-enthusiasts. So, you could pretty much say that I was born to lead this AESOP trip. At Bates, you can catch me whipping around campus on my pink tassel-adorned scooter (wait not anymore it was permanently borrowed… I will find you scooter thief), crunching numbers in Econ class, and presiding over all of Bates as a member of the uber-important Committee Selection Board. This summer, I’m looking forward to taking off my bike training wheels after some parking lot cycling lessons with my co-leader, Emma. If you’re looking for an AESOP trip that involves beautiful views, a sore butt, and some rad bonding, you’re in the right place.

This exciting and relatively new trip will explore Acadia State Park on bikes! (Why didn’t we think of this before?!) Winding through the heart of the park, you will travel over 45 miles on historic carriage roads passing pedestrians and horses alike and learning about the history of the park. Cycling around Eagle Lake and Bubble Pond may call for a dip in the refreshing water and riding back on the park Loop Road calls for some scenic views for sure. You won’t want to miss out on this adventure!

Mountain Biking (Intermediate Physical Strenuousness)

Mountain Biking Leaders: Lauren Rasich and Ethan Simon

Lauren (Lo) reigning from the magical outdoor world of Utah, gave up a varsity career in crossing the country (aka running) to spend 4 days in the woods with a few incoming students. Expect many lies coming outta her mouth like “I’m from Utah but I’m really not mormon” and “the west coast really is the best coast.” Ethan never had a career to begin with hence his proficiency on 2 wheels and various other outdoor hobbies. Having watched hours of Seth’s “Bike Hacks with skills with Phil and the Global Mountain Bike Network, we know how to hand out the Supernices (if you don’t know what this is def look it up… good stuff). When asked if he had anything else to say, Ethan wants you to know the following: “I love bikes. I have more bikes than friends…I have 4 bikes. *sprays glasses with pocket lens cleaner*” You should know something else about Ethan, he LOVES the bachelorette and the bachelor, and obviously Chris Harrison. So any conversations surrounding those controversies are warmly welcomed. Lo, also an avid follower of Chris Harrison, wants all the ladies out there to know this trip is absolutely for them and there is nothing that warms her heart more than going out for a ride with her fellow lady rippers.

Come join us on a trip that would make even the ever controversial pinkbike forum boards proud, as long as you don’t try to bring an Ebike you’ll be fine. With leaders hailing from sea to shining sea let Ethan and Lo take you on a magical trip. Ethan’s New York city roots, filled phrases like “I’m biking here” (read in a heavily Italian accent) will add quite the flair. Not to forget Lo’s Salt Lake City background, I hope you like sister wives! We’ll be hitting up the Valhalla of biking, nope, not Utah…but: KINGDOM TRAILS. Just to make it clear, this trip is absolutely open to bikers of all levels!!! It’s gonna be sick and no AESOP sounds more legit and brag-worthy than level 3 mountain biking!

Now in its third year but with an EXCITING NEW LOCATION, this group will head to Kingdom Trails, VT, to bike the beautiful and much-loved trails. This is a premier location for Mountain Biking in New England, with a variety of trails for all levels. The group will nearby in beautiful VT scenery! In addition, the area is full of great hikes that are worth exploring. Bikes will be provided for those who need them!

Questions?  Contact us at aesop@bates.edu