Everything Else

Rock climbing at Rumney (Sarah Crosby photo)

Here you will find a full list and description of the different “Everything Else” trips we offer. Click on the drop-down boxes to learn more about the awesome Batesies who will lead them! 

Art/Meditation (Level 1)

Art/Meditation Leaders: Olga Revzina and John Ricatto

Olga was born in the distant lands of Russia which predisposed her to exploring spirituality and meditation as a means of coping with the inevitable brutality and trauma that all Eastern European children face. Substituting one merciless biosphere for another, Olga at the age of thirteen set out for Lewiston, Maine. Over seven years, she trudged across continents bare-footed and rugged seeking enlightenment in every step. Making a spiritual stop at Bates College, Olga courageously runs Dharma Society, mindfully fixes computers in the library and thoughtfully sips Baileys out of a plastic cup. In pursuit of higher spiritual grounds, Olga has also recently returned from a monastery in India where she has spent 3 months learning the ways of the wise. She is now ready to share her infinite wisdom and a lot of LOVE with those lucky enough to sit on a cushion next to her.

John was born in the distant lands of New Jersey, which predisposed him to a love of jumping to 1980’s synthpop as a means of coping with the inevitable. John lives directly upstairs from Olga, and his jumping regularly impedes on her spiritual progress. He is very very very very long and he opts not to use the tips of his fingers when picking up objects (he favors the middle part of the finger, like any civilized person would). As a philosophy major he spends most his time thinking about abstract concepts that will never help anyone ever. He studied Buddhism at the same monastery in India as Olga. While everyone else meditated, he wondered “now where could my pipe be?” His name is Garfield. He is chaos.

Visit art galleries, artist’s studios, Monhegan Island, and picturesque artistic spaces along the Maine Coast. Students will have the opportunity to explore in creative endeavors such as painting, drawing, performance arts, and photography in a variety of settings and landscapes. Monhegan Island is somewhat of a pilgrimage site for high profile artists who are drawn to the island year after year as a source of inspiration. Do as many famous and world renowned artists have done in the past, and experience the Maine mid-coast region through an artistic lens!

Biking in Acadia (Level 3)

Biking in Acadia Leaders: Sadie Homeier and Keenan Shields

Sadie Homeier was born in small town Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but if you ask her where she is from she will most likely say “Vermont, because that’s where I learned to ride my bike.” Her first name is not short for anything so don’t ask her if her name is Sandra. Her surname is derived from the made up land of German-Scottland, a place that never existed and hence why no one can pronounce her surname correctly. Sadie is also a transfer student from the school we all know as the boiled carrot of the NESCACs, Connecticut College. Sadie was way too good for Conn because she clearly didn’t fit the “I will never make an impact in the world” archetype of the school. So Sadie came to Bates because Sadie is a real person with an actual personality, and wanted to bike Acadia with some rad freshman. Like every 3 out 4 four Bates women, Sadie is an ex-rower with a passion for pretty much any sport that isn’t rowing. Sadie is an avid cyclist, skier, runner, and a novice squash player. Sadie borrows people’s shirts without giving them back but will still share all of her beer and with you and is always willing to change your tire, so its ok. Sadie is the therapist and mechanic you never had and always wanted, because she is literally there for you anytime and anywhere. She is one of those rare purely generous people who will make you feel comfortable with yourself instantaneously. Keenan and Sadie are ready to ride some sweet roads and see some sick views. Not only is Acadia Obama’s fave park but it’s ours as well– we are pumped to get covered in chain grease and eat some Annie’s mac’n cheese with y’all!

I am Keenan Shields, a rising senior who believes deeply that one can achieve great things by eating yogurt as fast as possible. I call Lewiston, Maine home and I use he/him pronouns. I write letters, talk on the phone, and I think listening and hugs are great gifts. I have a super power which allows me to select the *exact* size tupperware for whatever quantity of leftovers I’m trying to store — on the first try. I feel fulfilled hearing what people are passionate about supporting them as they realize their visions. A veteran walker, I am spending this summer learning how to ride a bike so I can join my AESOP group in Biking through Acadia. I believe that Bates is a wonderful place. I’m excited to meet you in person and do whatever I can to help you feel at home here.

This exciting trip will explore Acadia State Park on bikes! (Why didn’t we think of this before?!) Winding through the heart of the park, you will travel over 45 miles on historic carriage roads passing pedestrians and horses alike and learning about the history of the park. Cycling around Eagle Lake and Bubble Pond may call for a dip in the refreshing water and riding back on the park Loop Road calls for some scenic views for sure. You won’t want to miss out on this adventure!

Mountain Biking (Level 3)

Mountain Biking Leaders: Nell Houde and Dylan Whitcraft

Nell graces us from the lovely town of Meriden, New Hampshire (603), a small town in the region of NH that is known as “Fake Vermont” and/or “the part of New Hampshire that wants to be more like Vermont but just isn’t.” Dabbling in both aquatic and land sports, she loves a good run, swim, surf, climb, summit, bike, and dog. She spends most of her free time pursuing sunsets at magic hour. At Bates, her academic achievements can be described as “taking as many classes with Ethan Miller as possible.” As far as organized sports she is technically on the varsity swim team, but she is actively trying to become the face of the Bates Cycling Team in her final year at Bates. Described by some as a “radical wildewoman,” she will teach you how to knit, burp, cook a damn good sweet potato, and not shower for days on end. To get on her good side, bring yogurt and anything written by Wendell Berry in your pack. On a trip with her, you can expect she will bring printed pictures of her dogs. You can also expect conversations about Scotland (her one true home), conversations about sheep in Scotland, conversations about the importance of hard-boiled eggs in one’s diet, and conversations about her love of sweet potatoes. There will also be LOTS of off-pitch singing. As of right now, there is a possibility that either she or Dylan (co-leader) will bring a ukulele on the trip, even though neither of them can play. Other instruments can be negotiated. Get psyched. Full send.

Have you ever wanted just to go outside and just ride a bike in the hills? Sleep so close to someone that you know their sleep talking phrases? Share each other’s deepest darkest secrets? Not shower? Or just plain old sock wrestle with newly made friends? Because Dylan has! And now you can too! Dylan grew up in Bangkok, Thailand… a bit of a trek away from Maine. You ask, how did he end up in Maine? Well, to be frank… Maine is sweet. And what’s more rad than Maine? Mountain biking in Maine. At Bates, he is an avid cyclist, sailor, and Anthropologist. When you see him around, he gives off the impression that he is a teddy bear with the most luscious hair… but with rather large hands. One can consider him a gentle giant, perhaps even an oversized elf. Much like Buddy, there’s no chance he would ever fit in Santa’s workshop. However, in his own words: “I’m a badass,” and he is not to be confused with Buddy the Elf. When he’s not napping or eating absurdly large portions of food in Commons, you can find him on the road, in a boat, or somewhere in the woods… playing in snow on the highway to Eustis. Though walking in the woods is fun, why walk when you can run… and why run when you can bike? Hence, you should come bike with us.

Now in its second year, this group will head to the Carrabassett Valley to bike the trails near Sugarloaf Mountain. This is a premier location for Mountain Biking in Maine, with a variety of trails for all levels. The group will camp on Flagstaff lake, with access to canoes and swimming to fill any down time! In addition, the area is full of great hikes that are worth exploring. Bikes will be provided for those who need them!

Nezinscot Farm Trip (Level 1)

Nezinscot Farm Trip Leaders: Ryan Chinn and Sofi Elbadawi

Greetings Bobcats! My name is Ryan Chinn and I am 5’ 9 & 3/4’’- so basically I only chose Sofi as my AESOP co-leader because she makes me look tall. I hail from the even MORE metropolitan utopia of Wilmington, Delaware, which some consider the Paris of the northeast. As a Neuroscience major with a mild procrastination problem, I have perfected the art of requiring no sleep- so rest assured that I will be on 24 hour watch for any suspicious farm activity during our AESOP trip. At Bates, you can find me lifting heavy objects in the gym, eating aggressively healthy (my body is a temple), occasionally dabbling in Yoga, and leading ClubMed to victory. You can also find me pursuing a professional hockey career by being a star member of the Men’s club hockey team. I’m hoping to bring my grace, agility and speed from the hockey rink to the farm for the best AESOP that Bates has ever seen. Some fun facts you should know about me are: Birds don’t scare me at all, my spirit animal is a Golden Retriever, and I can do a pretty good cartwheel. AESOP has been one of my favorite experiences from my time at Bates and I can’t wait to take on Nezinscot Farm with a group of awesome AESOPers!

Salutations bobkittens! My name is Sofi Elbadawi, and I am the second shortest member of the Class of 2018 (4’11”), so I’m kinda a big deal (as an English Major I know that that’s an oxymoron). Anyways, despite my intimidating stature, my winning personality makes up for what I lack in height! I can’t wait to lead the Nezinscot Farm AESOP trip- especially because I’m fascinated by barns, enjoy interacting with the occasional goat, and am always down for a good harvest! I am from the metropolitan utopia of Syracuse, New York and I spend my time dancing, reading, eating a lot chocolate, and playing bananagrams with friends. If you couldn’t figure it out, I am an English and Dance double major, and yes, I will find a job and make a living after I graduate (hopefully). A fun fact about me is that I have a phobia of the avian species; I find birds of all shapes and sizes revolting. Anyways, I cannot wait to lead an AESOP and be one of your two leaders! AESOP was and still is one of my favorite memories from my time at Bates, and I cannot wait to help pass that experience on to you!

This trip will be staying at the beautiful Nezinscot Farm in Turner, Maine. This farm is a favorite of Bates students for its homemade goods and delicious farm breakfasts. AESOPers on this trip will learn about farm life through hands on participation in daily activities such as feeding the animals and working in the vegetable fields. If you’re lucky, Gloria, the owner of Nezinscot, will make you dinner! 

Rock Climbing (Level 2)

Rock Climbing I Leaders: Mitch Willsey and Maddy Smith

Hey, Maddy here. Future AESOPers, know this: Mitch is a highly certified professional fun-haver. He hails from the humble land of Connecticut, and is about to begin his sophomore year here at Bates College. On campus you can find him playing ultimate frisbee, schooling his students at the rock wall where he is the Professor Emeritus of climbing, buildering (aka bouldering on buildings! Don’t try this at home, kids!), and doing various other outdoorsy activities. He is beyond stoked for this year’s AESOP! Fun fact: Mitch and Maddy can both juggle (plans for a traveling circus have been cancelled due to budget cuts).

Good afternoon Bobkittens and welcome to Maddy’s bio! I am Maddy’s co-leader Mitch and I will be your tour guide for this short adventure. Maddy comes from the wonderful state of Illinois and is a rising sophomore at Bates College. On campus she enjoys climbing (climbing is a general term that may include scaling walls, rocks, trees, and buildings) skiing, and is a part of the Bates Student Action core team. Maddy was raised by carnies in a traveling circus and is fluent in the arts of juggling, unicycling, and getting out of a Chinese finger trap. Fun fact: Maddy and I met on the rock climbing AESOP back in the dizzay. Now Maddy is extra super stoked to lead all newcomers to the wild untamed cliffs of Rumney New Hampshire!

Rock Climbing II Leaders: Dan Willsey and Jade Donaldson

Howdy hamsters! My name is Dan and I am the equivalent of a rock at Bates. I climb rocks, throw rocks, eat rocks, make fire with rocks, and play classic rock. Only some of that is true… I was named after Dan the goddess of beauty (don’t google that, not everything on the internet is true) and as a result I have a distinct love for fashion. Everyday I put on my socks first then my sandals, in that order. Born in the legendary villa of Glastonbury C to the T I grew up with a distinct love for the smell of dirt and rocks. Fantabulous facial hair has allowed me to disperse my distinct persona upon my brilliantly bodacious Bobcat buds. Just kidding, i’m actually bald… or am I? Here, in the wilds of Maine I have found a calling, not from my moose brethren, but from the mind. As an econ and psych double major, I look forward to picking your minds, your noses, and sharing my wondrous experiences of Bates College with you.

What’s UP Bobkitties? You sure will be if you come along on Rock Climbing I! The name’s Jade and I live under a rock in the wild suburban jungle of New Jersey. Climbing is my one true love… well if we’re going to be real here, it’s second to sushi, but it’s a really close second. I’m an anthropology and neuroscience double major so don’t be alarmed if I start chillin’ with the indigenous tribes of the White Mountains and probing their brains. Dan and I met on this trip our freshman year, so we can tell you that it is the best trip ever! We can’t wait to meet you all and introduce you to the wonderful world of climbing soon!

For beginners and advanced climbers alike! This trip lets you live on the edge for 4 days as you scale up the face of a cliff, go bouldering, and learn how to belay. Afraid of heights?! Our fearless and highly experienced leaders will take good care of you as they guide you along your path and we assure you that it will be the most exhilarating 4 days of your life! What better way to explore Maine and New Hampshire than dangling off a cliff?

Sea Kayaking (Level 3)

Sea Kayaking Leaders: Parker McDonald and Cata Robert

Wanna get wet, yak’ some dank waves and just plain chill on an island? Brochinos and chicas, come paddle the gnar gnar with us on the strikingly beautiful coast of Maine. Get this: YOU, your amazing new friends, and your kayaking gods, P-dolla’ and Cat-Dawg, thrashing around the atlantic coast of Maine and getting unbearably wet and tan all at the same time! Sick, right? Did we mention we are expert chillers too? After a strenuous day of strait up awesomeness, you get to strip out of that tight life jacket and consume your body weight in s’mores, Nutella, and, our personal favorite, THE MEATSTICK! If you like to have a good time, laugh a lot, and get rocks for biceps this is the AESOP for you. Mahalo brahs!

Hey I am Cata, if you are looking for a good time chilling on the coast of Maine on a yacht this trip is for you!!! The best kinda of yacht is an ocean kayak, am I right?? I am from beautiful exciting Connecticut and am a senior here at Bates. My favorite kind of dive is a bellyflop and I love to hit that late night choco-chip cookie dough. Parker and I are looking forward to ending the summer on a great note with this awesome trip, and we need you! Choose this trip if you are looking for a life changing experience and free food.

Casco Bay will be the backdrop for this adventure of a lifetime; paddling among the lobster buoys and island-hopping among the Calendar Islands are just a few highlights. Day trips will be based out of camp on Jewel Island which houses the remnants of WWII forts and even a pirate’s treasure! Students are accompanied by our wonderful local Sea Kayak guide.

Surfing (Level 1)

Surfing 1 Leaders: Katrina Muñoz and Riley Ewing

Hello class of 2021!! My name is Katrina/Kat/Kitkat, and I am pumped to be leading this year’s surfing 1 trip on the beautiful coast of Hermit Island with my pal, Riley. My favorite activities are dancing (ballet and modern are my fav), baking pumpkin whoopie pies, solving sudokus, and listening to Queen/Beatenberg/Old Dominion. My spirit animal is the white tailed deer and I have an unhealthy obsession with peanut butter. If I had to choose three Parks and Rec characters that I am most similar to it’d be Ann, Donna, and the lovely Leslie Knope. Riley and I are from the Granite state #livefreeordie, and even grew up in the same hometown! Because we know each other so well and are always on the same wavelengthhhhh, our trip is going to be the best! If you want an adventurous and upbeat trip crushin waves and bonding by the campfire… Surfing 1 is the trip for you!!! Can’t wait to meet the next bobcats

Ayo aesopers! Looking to catch some tasty waves? Katrina and I are super chill, and looking forward to relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Maine, occasionally getting saucy on some surfboards Being from the live free or die state, we really embody the go with the flow lifestyle. Some hobbies/interests of mine include: jigsaw puzzles, pokemon, steel pan orchestra, hanging out by a campfire, swimming (on the team ), hiking, skiing, and cliff jumping! If I had to choose three office characters that I am most similar to it’d be Kevin, Darrell, and Erin. My spirit animal is a wolf although most people tell me it’s a golden retriever. My favorite artist is Joey Bada$$, but my favorite song to dance to is hips don’t lie by Shakira (expect some good jams on the trip). Hermit Island is stunning and a great place to be for your first real Bates experience!

Surfing II Leaders: Andrew Berg and Tess Black

Hi, I’m Tess Black, and I’m here to tell YOU, young grasshopper, about my co-leader, Andrew Christopher Berg. I, Andrew, am an avid outdoorsman who likes to spend lots of time outdoors, avidly. Any time I’m not inside, I’m outside! Also, I work as a carpenter in the theatre department, carpenting sets for school productions. If you’re worried about my surfing qualifications, worry no further! I hail from Titusville, Florida, the surfing capital of the world, probably. Whatever the opposite of amateur is, that’s me! I have a surfing poster hanging up in my room at Bates so that I never forget about surfing (not that it ever leaves my mind anyways). Actually though, I surf quite often when I’m at home and am pretty good. I’m really nice too–I’ve been referred to as the Big Friendly Giant by Tess behind my back. I’ve taught my friends how to surf before, so if you’re inexperienced, don’t worry! This is going to be an awesome trip with some awesome leaders and an awesome itinerary, so if you’re awesome too, come shred with us this fall!

Hi I’m Andrew Berg and I’m going to tell you all about my co, Tess Black. My name is Tess Black and I’m a rising sophomore from La La Land in CALIFORNIA, the greatest state on the planet. Like honestly actually literally, though, all the other states suck in comparison. I went to Marymount high school (the Kardashians also went there which is so cool I’m so cool) and spent most of my time in restaurants eating acai bowls. Even though Malibu beach is like 2 mins from my house (I’m so cool!!), I didn’t surf until coming to Bates BUT immediately took to shredding. Look out for some powerful hacks, gnarly floaters, and radical tube riding from yours-truly. Only the best from someone from CALIFORNIA. At Bates, I pretend to do a lot of schoolwork and pose as an outing club member (I’ve been to three meetings). I once ran for class representative but who knows how that turned out!!! Besides that, I like hanging out with my cool friends, making my friends hang out with me, and smiling. Oh, and I’m an environmental studies major. I hug trees, nbd. But really though I am a super positive person and fun and cool and fun to be around and great friends with the real Andrew Berg. I’m stoked for this experience so get stoked with us and come surf!!

Maine has some of the most beautiful beaches on the east coast. Georgetown is located in on the southern Maine coast and is one of the premiere surfing spots in Maine. Enjoy 4 days of surfing on the coast of Maine all while camping in Sagadohoc Bay. This trip is meant for all levels of experience; whether you’ve been surfing for years or have never seen the ocean before. Camp by night and surf, relax, and explore Georgetown by day.

Yoga/Hiking (Level 1)

Yoga/Hiking Leaders: Rachel Forcillo and Ben Aicher

Helllooo future bobcats and bobkittens! My name is Rachel and I’m a senior (!) psychology major from the beautiful mitten state of Michigan. I studied in Australia this past semester at a huge university (“uni” as they call it) of 40,000 students where I made friends with a lot of native Aussies, hugged a koala bear, and frequented the beach. It was a blast but I am pumped to be back on the East Coast. At Bates, I run cross country & track, teach yoga, and take just about as many art classes as psych classes. Painting is the best! I also work as a student caller for the Bates Fund (the organization that gives peeps financial aid for Bates), so there’s a good chance I’ll have the pleasure of talking to your parents on the phone sometime this year! I could not be more excited to lead this yoga & hiking (Hoga? Yiking?) AESOP with my sweet friend and experienced Maine outdoorsman Ben. If your heart desires a balance of hiking excursions with some time for quieter self-reflection, this is the trip for you! No yoga experience needed – just a desire to try it out and an open mind. I can’t wait for you to arrive at Bates, my to my favorite place in the world.

Hi all! My name is Ben Aicher and I am a rising senior History major at Bates! I’m just returning home to my native Maine after being in Buenos Aires since the beginning of the year. I am ready and raring to get back onto campus and meet our latest installment of bobkittens! It is so amazing to be leading this trip with the one and only Rachel Forcillo, one of the sweetest and most contagiously happy people in the world. We can’t wait for all of you to arrive and we are certainly excited to be able to join you on the first of your many adventures at Bates!

A new trip this year, Yoga/Hiking will be based out of Evan’s Notch on the Maine/New Hampshire state line and feature gentle trail hiking, swimming holes and magnificent views of the surrounding area.  Yoga will be done throughout the trip in a variety of locations, allowing you to truly get in touch with mind, body, spirit and your new surroundings before starting at Bates!


Questions?  Contact us at aesop@bates.edu