For Students – Important Information

Student/Parent Information Guide

Facility Services provides all maintenance, repair and custodial services on campus, including carpentry, painting, mechanical, HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning), electrical, grounds, trash/recycling, and much more.   We are located at Cutten Maintenance Center, 147 Russell Street, 2nd Floor, near Merrill Gym and the outdoor track.

 We are open from 7:00am – 4:00pm, Monday through Friday (7:00am – 3:30pm during the summer).  Our office phone numbers are (207) 786-6207 and (207) 786-6211.  If you leave a message for us after hours/weekends, please leave a clear, detailed message including your name, room and phone number.  For after hour emergencies, please contact Security at (207) 786-6254. 

 To report a problem or request service:  Malfunction of your window shade, lock mechanism not working, plugged toilet in the bathroom, room too hot or too cold, etc.?  Call the work order line at (207) 786-6449 or submit a work request on-line at: it is an emergency after hours, call Security at (207) 786-6254.

Will Facility Services enter my room when I’m not there?  Yes, we need to enter rooms to make repairs if a work order is submitted. We will always respect a student’s privacy and belongings. Unless it is an emergency, we do not enter student rooms prior to 9:30 am.  We will always knock loudly and announce “Facility Services”, before entering. If you have reported a heating issue in your room, please be sure the path to the heater is clear of furniture or personal items.  NEVER leave windows open during winter heating months!! If it’s too HOT, please submit a work request at ext. 6449.

Dorm Damage: Please call Dave Larrabee directly with any questions regarding dorm damages at (207) 786-6205.  He is the only person who can answer your dorm damage billing or related questions. Dorm Damage charges may be found here:

 Custodial Services:  include trash removal and cleaning of bathroom facilities and common areas only.  Students are responsible for their residence hall rooms and private baths.  Vacuums and other cleaning tools are centrally located in residence halls for student use.

 Phone or internet in your room not working?  Please call the IT HELP DESK at (207) 786-8222 to report the problem.

 Washer or dryer in your building not working?  Please put a note on it and call the work order line to report the problem at ext. 6449.  For card problems, please call the College Store at (207) 786-6121.

Overhead light burned out in your room? Please see the custodian, they can replace it for you.  If the custodian is unavailable, please call the work order line at ext. 6449 to report it.

Hanging Posters: To hang posters and other lightweight items without damaging walls, please use Tac or Velcro squares which may be obtained for free at the Facility Services office.

Building a loft or wanting to bunk your bed? Beds at Bates are different as to whether they can be turned into a loft and bunk, please call ext. 6449 for guidance.  A permit will be required to build a loft or to customize your bed, please contact Jim Guzelian at 786-6413.  Whatever you build or customize, any Bates owned furniture MUST stay in the room.

NO Bates Furniture may be removed from student rooms.  If Bates furniture is found in hallways, basements or other areas, it will be removed and students will be charged a furniture replacement fee for each missing item.  Dorm Damage/Furniture Replacement charges may be found here:

Refrigerator Rentals: Your contract is with the rental company.  Please contact them for information on delivery in the fall and pickup in the spring.  New England Student Services:  401-405-0920 or

 On Campus Storage:  You may store small personal belongings during the school year only in designated areas (  See ‘Off Campus Storage’ below for items that are not to be stored on campus.  Students are responsible for placing their items in storage and on campus storage space is limited.  We also recommend putting your name inside the box/bag as well as noting your name on the outside of the item.  Storage is at your own risk and availability is on a first-come first-served basis.  When one storage area is filled, try another on the list, it does not have to be in the dorm you are currently living in, or may be moving to.  If storage areas with cages are full/locked, you will need to store in another dorm.  Do NOT leave items outside of locked cages, as items found will be thrown away.

There is NO SUMMER STORAGE available on campus.  Please plan accordingly, especially for international and/or graduating students. 

Off Campus Storage:  Furniture, rugs of any size, building materials and lofts, flammable liquids, motorized bikes, appliances (including refrigerators of any size) – must be stored off campus.  Off campus storage options may be found here:

 Bicycle storage/registration:  Bicycle registration is at the Security office and is recommended for all bikes (and computers) on campus. Bike storage areas are located at Rand Bike Barn via card access and Village 2 (Rzasa House) via card access.  For more information on bike storage locations, go to

Packages/Mail: All student mail and packages are handled through the Post and Print office.  Visit them at 65 Campus Ave (Kalperis Hall) or call them at (207) 786-6098. They will answer all your questions regarding mailing or receiving of letters and packages, how to address them, etc.  Be sure to give them a summer address to forward your mail.

Airline Lost luggage: Airlines deliver to the Facility Services loading dock area on business days only.  Contact Ron McBride at (207) 786-6208 to be sure it has arrived and schedule pick up.  (On weekends, Security receives it and transfers it to Facility Services on Mondays).

Key problems or lost keys/IDs: Report issues to Suzy Nattress in the Access Control Office in Chase Hall, Rm 140 or at (207) 786-6379.

Guest mattresses:  With your Bates ID, students may pick up and return guest mattresses to the Facility Services office at Cutten Maintenance Center.  Mattresses must be returned by the date specified or a $20 fee is charged to the student’s account.  Call ext. 6207 or 6211 to inquire if a mattress is available.  You are responsible for picking up and returning the mattress in good order and by the due date.  Do NOT leave the mattress in the hallway as this is a fire hazard.

Having a BBQ or other catering event? Please reserve your space on-line through the Event Management System (EMS) at Any questions, please call Kelly Perreault at 786-6299.  Also, be sure to include ALL details of your event needs when making your reservation, as last minute changes or requests are sometimes impossible to grant.  More information about catering may be found here:

Year-end information: Vacated rooms that are not left in broom clean condition will be assessed a $50 per person fee.  “Broom clean condition” means that the occupant removes anything that was not originally in the room when they entered; free of all debris, personal effects, and at a minimum, swept clean after their belongings have been removed.  Extra brooms and vacuums will be available in the dorms for your use.  DO NOT leave items behind in your room.  We clean when you vacate and any items left behind are disposed of or donated to charity.

Sustainability: Sustainability and energy conservation are a major element of Campus culture.  As Bates works to reduce its carbon emissions, dorm energy use plays a major role.  Please help us to do the right thing by being mindful about turning off lights, turning down thermostats and making sure windows are closed when you leave. Thanks!

Did we answer all your questions?  If not, please give us a call at the Facility Services office:  ext. 6207, ext. 6211 or the designated work order line ext. 6449.  Thank you!