For Students – Important Information

Contact Facility Services on line here, by e-mail at, or by phone at 207-786-6449 for problems associated with:
  • All general maintenance and repair needs in residence halls
  • Bathroom toilets, sinks, showers, urinals, towel bars
  • Window shades/screens
  • Insects/pest control
  • Bates furniture including lofting/bunking beds and guest mattresses
  • Key/lock problems
  • Luggage: Airline delivery of lost luggage is received at Cutten Maintenance Building loading dock
  • Room temperature issues: Check our website for additional information about heating and cooling
  • Washer/dryer: Vendor information is posted directly at machines. If in doubt contact Facility Services

Check with your building Custodian for: cleaning supplies, light bulb changes, paper towels, and toilet paper

Will Facility Services enter my room when I’m not there? 

Yes, we need to enter rooms to make repairs if a work order is submitted. We will always respect a student’s privacy and belongings.  Unless it is an emergency, we do not enter student rooms prior to 9:30 am.

What if I have an issue after hours?

If you have a facilities emergency after hours contact Campus Safety at 207-786-6254. They will assess the issue and call in someone to fix your problem is it can’t wait until the next day.

Other Helpful Campus Services

ILS:  Contact the IT Service Desk online at or at 207-786-8222 for cable, internet, or wifi problems

Washer/Dryer Card problems:   College Store at 207-786-6121

Environmental Health and Safety: 207-786-8226

Accessible Education and Student Services:  Either online here or by phone at 207-786-6222

Packages/Mail:  Post & Print at 207-786-6098

Lost keys/IDs:  Access Control at 207-786-6379

Bicycles: A list of bike racks and storage areas is available here

Events:  Reserve through Bates Events at

Room and Services Information: See

Year-end information: Vacated rooms that are not left in broom clean condition will be assessed a $50 per person fee.  “Broom clean condition” means that the occupant removes anything that was not originally in the room when they entered; free of all debris, personal effects, and at a minimum, swept clean after their belongings have been removed.  Extra brooms and vacuums will be available in the dorms for your use.  DO NOT leave items behind in your room.  We clean when you vacate and any items left behind are disposed of or donated to charity.

NO Bates furniture may be removed from student rooms.  Fees and damage charges will apply.

NO summer storage is available on campus, including bikes.  A list of off-campus storage is available  here

 Questions? Check our website: or call us at 207-786-6449.