Visiting Prof. Barry Appointed Journal Editor of the Journal of Mammalogy

Ron Barry mug shot

Ron Barry

Visiting Professor Ron Barry recently was appointed Journal Editor of the Journal of Mammalogy for a three-year term, effective 1 July 2009. The Journal has been the flagship publication of the American Society of Mammalogists since both were founded in 1919. The Journal of Mammalogy publishes original research articles on all aspects of the biology of mammals of the world. On 16 June 2009 the Journal was officially recognized by the international members of the BioMedical and Life Sciences Division of the Special Library Association as one of the 100 most influential journals in biology and medicine over the past century. Barry joined the American Society of Mammalogists in 1974, has served on a number of its committees over the years, and was Associate Editor of the Journal from 1999-2002. His duties as Journal Editor include receiving, accepting, and editing manuscripts for publication, organizing the contents of each issue (six annually), and working with Allen Press Publishing Services (Lawrence, Kansas) to check and approve final page proof. Dr. Seri Lowell of the Bates College Writing Workshop and student editorial assistants will be working with Barry to prepare each issue of the Journal for publication.