Juniors – Class of 2017 – Capstone Planning Meeting Set


The time is approaching for planning your senior capstone experience! The Biology Department will be hosting an informational session for Biology majors to learn about capstone options for AY 2016-17. Although some of this information will be specific to Biology, juniors from Biological Chemistry, Environmental Science, and Neuroscience are invited to come and hear about potential thesis options in Biology faculty laboratories.

Capstone Informational Session

The informational meeting will be held at 11am – noon on Tuesday 11/17 in Carnegie 111. We will record the meeting for the benefit of those who are abroad.

The meeting will start with an overview of the capstone process, then faculty members will give brief summaries of research projects in their labs.

Basics about Biology Capstone

The Biology major capstone may be fulfilled by several combinations of two courses. There is no single course that is required, because of the various options. These options include:

  • A year-long thesis (Biology 457 and Biology 458)
  • A Seminar and Research course (Bio 47x) plus a one-semester thesis
  • Two Seminar and Research courses, Bio 47x (this is uncommon)
  • Biology 460 combined with EITHER a one-semester thesis OR a Bio 47x Seminar and Research course.

Bio 460 is usually taken in the junior year to be followed by thesis or 47x. Thesis and 47x courses can only be taken in the senior year to count for capstone.

Next Year’s Capstone Course Offerings

Topics for 470-level Seminar and Research courses are still being finalized, but likely offerings for 2016-17 are:

  • Fall: pharmacology / neuropharmacology w/ Bio 242 pre-req (offered by Nancy Kleckner)
  • Winter: functional morphology / biomechanics         (offered by a new faculty member)

Capstone Forms

Capstone Experience Form (to be submitted to the department) are available on the Biology department website. For the Class of 2017, the deadline to submit your Capstone Experience Form and the supporting paragraphs is 2 PM, Friday, Jan 29th, 2016. Hand in all paperwork to Sonya Roderick, in 521 Carnegie. Students will be notified by Friday, Feb 26th, 2016, about their options.