Projected Course Offerings

Planning your courses looking ahead

Course offerings in Biology beyond the current academic year (AY) are tentative and subject to change without notice due to faculty leaves and turnover. As you plan your course of study, check back frequently for updates.

We are presently updating the the three year projection of course offerings in biology and expect to post the new information shortly. Thank you for your patience.

Course being taught Winter 2019 (for sure)

Bio 190 Organismal Biology (L) (Bavis/Huggett)
Bio 218 Human A&P II (Salazar-Perea)
Bio 270 Ecology and Evolution (L) (Dearborn)
BINS 308 Neurobiology (L) (Kruse)
Bio 315 Bacteriology (L) (Palin)
Bio 321 Cellular Biochemistry (Brogan)
Bio 328  Developmental Biology (L) (Staff)
Bio 460 Junior Seminar  (Williams)
Bio 472 Research and Seminar (Mountcastle)

Other courses to be determined following hires this spring.