Summer Research Internships

Summer Research Opportunities at Bates and Other Institutions

A summer research experience is invaluable for helping you decide if research is a good career choice for you. Is also commonplace for undergraduates applying to medical school to have extensive research experience.

At Bates, there are several ways to go about landing a summer research internship in biology. First and foremost, talk to faculty members! Let them know you are interested and find out what their summer research plans are. Often faculty members have grants from outside agencies, such as NSF or NIH, which support student research assistants. Several faculty each year receive research grants from the College through which they can hire students. Occasionally Work-Study funds may be available at the end of the year, but it is difficult to plan on this money until well into Short Term.

Students interested in doing biology research off-campus should surf the Web for job listings and summer internships, and check the bulletin board outside room 429 Carnegie, and the Office of Career Services. Hoffman-Mellon Grants can be used to support off-campus research. The Biology Department faculty routinely receive announcements for research internships at other institutions and these will be passed along to the biology majors listserv (bio) and to appropriate course lists.

When applying for any College grants, watch for information on deadlines in the Student Research Update, sent to all students several times during the academic year.