Independent study

Biology 360 and Biology s50

These courses are always initiated as a student request to a faculty member for an individual student to study a topic not covered by our courses, or, in a few cases, for an individual project. Possibilities include tailor made courses (designed primarily by the student) in subjects normally offered at other educational institutions but not at Bates, guided readings, or research/study projects. The student must submit a study or research proposal, first to the faculty supervisor, and then to the Department Chair for approval prior to registration for either Bio 360 or s50. At the conclusion of the course, a term paper or similar document, suitable for evaluation by persons competent in the relevant field, must be submitted. Specific requirements may vary, and are based on mutual agreement between the faculty member and the student. The work is normally done on campus. These courses are an excellent way to begin research on a project with a faculty member in your junior year which can then be extended into the senior year as a thesis project.