Seminar and Research Courses

S&R offers a research opportunity in a small group setting


Martin Kruse with Seminar and Research students working at the confocal microscope.

These courses are designed to give seniors, and juniors with advanced training, a chance to participate in the ongoing research of the faculty. The format of each course varies, but the work will usually include reading and discussing current research literature and experimental work related to the faculty member’s interest. Enrollment in these courses is limited to about six students, and most of these courses have advanced prerequisites. A faculty member’s permission is required for enrollment into a 470 level course. Therefore, if you are interested in doing research with a particular faculty member, be sure to discuss the possibility during your sophomore or junior year. We hope that much of the on-campus student research will be done within the context of these courses, for they provide the closest faculty supervision of research work. Some students who take a seminar and research course may choose to continue their research an additional semester by registering for a thesis (457-458) or for independent study (360).