Late at Bates

The Late at Bates fund is designed to support student-led evening and late night events and programs that strengthen our sense of community and campus culture. Late at Bates funds unique events and programs that don’t typically happen during the average weekend or week night – things like bubble soccer, laser tag, paint nights, and much more!


Funding will be granted based on the following criteria:

  • Event/program must be free and open to all.
  • There must be consistent publicity which lists Late at Bates clearly in the title and includes that the event/program is funded by the Late at Bates program.
  • Event/program must take place on either Friday or Saturday after 9:00PM, or Sunday through Thursday after 6:00PM.
  • Event/program must be interactive and social.
  • Money allocated from Late at Bates for the event/program may not be spent on alcohol. Please note that both Late at Bates and Wind Down Weekends may be applied to for the same event.

Once You’re Approved

The student(s) sponsoring the event are responsible for:

  • Ensuring the event space is reserved via Late at Bates is a funding source, and does not function as space reservation.
  • Publicity for the event. The Late at Bates logo (provided in your approval email) must be featured prominently on all marketing materials, including but not limited to print, digital signage, and social media.
  • Planning and running the event/program.
  • Completing the Event/Program Planner Evaluation Form after the event.
  • Submitting any receipts needed to be reimbursed.


Evaluation Form