Student Employee Contract

Campus Life maintains community standards and expectations of all our student employees. You may review the Campus Life Student Employee Contract and Manager Addendum below.

Campus Life Student Employee Contract

You may view the contract in PDF format here.

Student employees hired by Campus Life are valuable members of our team. They assist as paraprofessionals through a variety of tasks to maintain and improve the operations of Chase Hall Programming Board (CHPB), the Ronj coffeehouse, the Village Club Series (VCS), The Bates Student, and Campus Life itself.

As a student employee, students must meet the following expectations in order to serve as an effective staff member and to retain the position.  An employee may be released from service if it is determined that they are not maintaining the ethics befitting that position, not performing satisfactorily, not being able to work productively with other staff members, or by jeopardizing the success of the area/position. 


  • Perform all opening, closing and operational procedures as instructed. 
  • Be on time for all shifts and to seek coverage if unable to work. I am responsible for my shift until covered by another employee. 
  • Be present and aware during each shift (no headphones, sleeping, etc.). 
  • Act as a professional representative of Campus Life and the area I am employed. This includes abiding by the Code of Student Conduct while performing job duties.
  • Complete assignments by appropriate deadlines as assigned by Campus Life staff and student managers (if applicable) throughout my employment.
  • Maintain workspaces for optimal efficiency, cleanliness and usage. (Staff permitted in staff only areas, no loud/inappropriate music, appropriate lighting, etc.).
  • Submit my biweekly time sheet on time and accurately each pay period.
  • Participate in an on-going evaluation process regarding the position and area.
  • Other duties as assigned by the professional staff in Campus Life or student managers (if applicable). 


  • Abide by all rules and regulations of the college at all times, especially when on the job.
  • Be a positive role model in all aspects of interaction with students, staff, faculty and guests of the college. 
  • Value and communicate with a variety of personality types.
  • Be respectful of individual differences.
  • Maintain professionalism in behavior and comments. 
  • Work as an effective and productive team member. 
  • Attend and actively participate in all staff meetings, unless discussed with student manager (if applicable) or staff supervisor in advance. 
  • Carry a positive attitude.  
  • Be supportive of the goals of Campus Life and of my specific area.  
  • Be accessible and communicative through email throughout term of employment. I will respond to emails sent pertaining to my position within 48 hours of receipt.

I understand that there may be additional responsibilities required in this position.  I understand that failure to meet any of these responsibilities mentioned above may result in termination of my position and all supplemental benefits.

The following sanctions will be imposed for violations of this agreement:

First Violation: Written warning from student manager (if applicable) or staff supervisor.

Second Violation: Written warning and meeting with student manager (if applicable) or staff supervisor.

Third Violation: Meeting with staff supervisor, possible dismissal. 

Student Manager Addendum

You may view the addendum in PDF format here.

Student managers are hired to assist Campus Life professional staff with the task of ensuring the health of their area of responsibility. They are entrusted with additional privileges beyond that of typical Campus Life student employees. This may include key or swipe access to important and/or valuable assets, access to the Campus Life budget for their area(s) of responsibility, and direct access to Campus Life professional staff (e.g. the staff member’s personal cell phone number). In addition to the expectations outlined in the Campus Life Student Employee Contract, student managers are expected to meet the expectations below.


  • Communicate
    • Keep in close contact with my staff supervisor throughout the term of my employment.
    • Be responsive to emails and/or texts – within 24 hours of receipt.
    • Be communicative if something in my area of responsibility is not going as planned and/or I am unable to meet deadlines that have been established by my staff supervisor.
    • If ever in doubt about how to proceed in a situation, I will contact my staff supervisor for advice and insight.
  • Asset and Information Security
    • Keep confidential meetings with Campus Life professional staff, as well as financial and other material information pertaining to my area of responsibility.
    • If applicable, be the only person using my key(s) to access my space. I will not lend my key(s) to anyone else, even if another individual has key access to the space. I understand that violating this expectation is likely to result in termination of employment.
  • Escalate – Notify my staff supervisor immediately about the following:
    • Unethical behavior (e.g. inaccurate timesheets, theft, plagiarism, etc).
    • If applicable, missing funds from cash boxes/registers.
    • Medical and other emergencies that occur when a student is performing job duties.
    • Performance issues relating to items in the employee contract.
    • Student staff conflicts.
    • Major budget decisions.
    • Losing or misplacing the key(s) to access my space.
    • When something occurs that prevents me from completing my job duties as assigned (e.g. medical emergency, unexpected travel, etc.).