Breaks at Bates Event Funding

Breaks at Bates funding is available to students wishing to host an event or program open to all Bates students during official college breaks.  These events/programs are coordinated by students and may include food that is aimed at bringing students together in meaningful ways.

All Breaks at Bates event sponsors should plan to fill out this form at least 7 days in advance of your event/program order to receive funding for events. Requests made with less than 7 days notice may not be able to be fulfilled. Space reservations may be required for certain spaces including the Little Room (Dance Room) in Chase, 280 Lounge, Benjamin Mays Center, etc. Questions concerning space reservation and programming can be directed to the Office of Campus Life at

Breaks at Bates programming and events require at least one student to serve as the official coordinator of the event who oversees the entirety of the event/program from its inception to clean-up and evaluation.


Applications will be reviewed by the Office of Campus Life based on the following criteria:

  • Breaks at Bates event dates and locations are determined on a first come, first serve basis. The Office of Campus Life reserves the right to deny an application and/or suggest an alternative date if a different event is already being co-sponsored on that day.
  • These events must be alcohol-free. 
  • Breaks at Bates events must be free, open to all Bates students, and advertised as such.
  • Events that provide alternative late-night programming on weekend nights will be given priority.

Once You’re Approved

The student(s) sponsoring the event are responsible for:

  • Publicity for the event. The Office of Campus Life must be listed as a co-sponsor on all marketing materials, including but not limited to print, digital signage, and social media. Please submit your marketing materials for approval no later than 7 days prior to the event to Nevo Polonsky, Coordinator of Campus Life & Residential Programming, at
  • Organizing the event (including set-up and clean-up).
  • Completing the Event Sponsor Evaluation Form after the event, including uploading any outstanding receipts needed to be reimbursed.


Event Evaluation & Receipt Submittal