Personal Expense Fund

The Personal Expense Fund is designed to support student engagement with BCSG-recognized club and Senior Week activities that require an out-of-pocket expense.

There are many club activities for which the cost exceeds what a club’s account can provide, including funding from other sources. This results in personal expenses that all club members are expected to contribute.

While the Senior Co-Presidents strive to create a week every senior can participate in, due to financial realities, some Senior Week activities come with a cost.

Students that are unable to cover these types of out-of-pocket expenses are encouraged to apply for support from the Personal Expense Fund.

Any student may apply for this funding. Please note that the Office of Campus Life recommends submitting this request a minimum of two weeks prior to the activity to ensure enough time for it to be reviewed.


Applications will be reviewed by the Office of Campus Life based on the following criteria:

  • The activity must be a BCSG-recognized club activity for which there is not enough funding from the club’s account, and all other funding options have been exhausted, resulting in a personal expense expected of all individuals participating in the activity. This fund is designed to support students who qualify as having high financial need or extenuating circumstances that have created a significant financial burden.


  • The activity must be a Senior Week activity that has a ticket cost.
  • After submission of this application, a meeting with Campus Life staff to discuss the expected personal expense.