The Alumni Council

Jennifer Lemkin Bouchard '99, President

Michael R. Lieber '92, Vice President

Roland S. Davis '92, Immediate Past President


Mission Statement of the Alumni Council of the Alumni Association

Bates College possesses a unique cultural and intellectual history. The college's geographic location and desire to hold firmly to liberal arts traditions place an unusually high responsibility on its alumni to communicate the value of a Bates education to the world at large. The role of the Alumni Council, the governing body of the Alumni Association, is to facilitate, to educate, to lead, and to increase the interaction among the alumni, the Bates community, and outside constituencies. In doing so, the Alumni Council plays a critical role in promoting an environment where admissions, career development, advancement, and other business of the college can more easily and successfully be conducted. The purpose of the Alumni Council is to unite the alumni body in supporting the college; to promote interaction between the alumni and the college's administration, faculty, and student body; and to communicate the concerns and aspirations of the alumni body to the college's administrators.