Advisor Email Lists

Advisor e-mail lists allow instructors and advisees to communicate via an interactive email list.

There are two types of advisor E-mail distribution lists: undergraduate advisees (ung) and major advisees (mjr). List names are created by concatinating the advisor type abbreviation and the advisor’s user name followed by Using a fictious Professor Einstein as an example, his undergraduate advisee list name would be  and his major advisee list name would be As with the other lists, case does not matter.

How does a student get on or off my advisee list?

These lists are generated nightly from information in the Banner database. If one of your advisees is not on your list, the student is not properly coded in the Banner database. The student needs to submit a change of advisor form to the Registrar’s office in Libbey Forum. Once this form has been processed, the student’s name will be added to the list by the next day. Please direct questions regarding the adding or deleting of staff names on the list to Sarah Bernard (sbernard) in Information Services.

For frequently asked question concerning course lists (majors, minors, advisors, etc.) consult Helpsheet E-mail Course List Frequently Asked Question

Department/Program Abbreviations

A complete description of department /program courses is available from each academic course and units of instruction. On this page hoose an academic department/program. Scroll down each page to see the abbreviation letters, course number, and section.