Online Grid – General Instructions

Log into Garnet Gateway
Click on “Faculty Menu” and then click on “Course Maintenance Menu”
Click on “Create or Edit New Course Grid Proposals”
Click “Select” next to “Start a New Proposal”
Select the term you would like to start a grid for (i.e., Fall 2009). Click “Create New Proposal”

To add courses to the grid:
In the “Add a Course to this Proposal” area use the pulldown menus to:

  • Select existing courses from your department/program.
  • Indicate the type of course it is (i.e. lecture, lecture plus discussion, thesis, etc.).
  • Indicate how many sections should be created (non-lab/discussion sections only).
  • Indicate how many, if any, lab or discussion sections should be created.

Once done, click on “Add this Course”

The course/unit and any associated labs or discussions will be created.

To assign meeting times and instructors to a course/unit:
As you add courses/units they will appear in the “Show/Edit Courses and Assign Meeting Times” area. Click on a course/unit title to assign time blocks and/or instructors to individual sections. Times must conform to the academic grid.

To view a graphical representation of your grid:
Click on “View Grid of Assigned Sections” – it will open in a new window. To return to adding courses/units, times or instructors close the grid window.

Comments to the CRC

  • Comments pertaining to a single section may be made by clicking on a course/unit title in the “Show/Edit Courses and Assign Meeting Times” area.
  • Comments pertaining to a whole course may be made by clicking in the comments column in the “Show/Edit Courses and Assign Meeting Times” area.
  • Comments pertaining to the entire grid may be made by clicking on the blue text at the top of the form.

What if I need to exit and work on the grid later?
You may exit at any time and your work will be saved. To return and edit a grid already started, click on the “Create or Edit New Course Grid Proposals” from the Curriculum Menu. Next, click on the pulldown menu and select the term you want to edit and click “Submit”.

What if a new course I need to add to the grid hasn’t been proposed yet?
Please note the deadline for new courses for the next academic year by returning faculty is always in January (see the calendar link on our website for a particular year).  If the proposal is submitted to the CRC by the deadline, the Registrar’s Office will add it to your pulldown course list before the grid submission deadline so you can include it. If a course proposal is received after the deadline and approved by the CRC it will be added to the grid as space allows.

What if I need to hold a place for a new course by a new instructor who has not yet been hired?
To create a “placeholder” for *new* faculty who will teach a *new* course select the “TBA” course at the bottom of the pulldown course list. Note: this does not apply to current faculty and may not be used to save a space for an existing course or for a current faculty member.

What if I know the course that will be taught but the instructor will be a new hire?
If necessary, it is alright to create the course and simply leave the instructor unassigned. Changes may be made later by emailing the Registrar’s Office.

How do I indicate class mix, scheduled final examination, and/or room preference information?
Once the Registrar’s Office has constructed the fall, winter and short term schedules faculty will receive an email directing them to Garnet Gateway to request class mixes, update final examination information and indicate room preferences. Please note the deadline for submitting this information is later than the deadline date for submitting grids and this information should be submitted by each instructor.

How do I submit a completed grid to the CRC?
Click on the “Submit to CRC” button in the proposal.