Enrollment Caps

From the Report to the faculty on student access to courses
Curriculum and Review Committee and the Education Policy Committee

Setting enrollment caps requires a balance between fitting course size to pedagogy and fitting pedagogy to course size. The interests of individual faculty, the range of valid pedagogy in which faculty have expertise, the organization of the curriculum, and the needs of the department/program to serve students must all be considered and balanced. In some cases, as much as we may wish to use a particular pedagogy, we must balance and fit our pedagogy to the needs of the students. At times, this means that the course size needs to be adjusted; at other times, this means that the pedagogy needs to adjust to a larger enrollment.

a. Guidelines.

CRC will return to guidelines previously followed when reviewing requests for enrollment caps:
39 or higher – access courses (i.e., courses that are open to first year students and which have no prerequisites),
29 or higher – non-access courses
15 – seminars

Per the CRC and AAC as of Spring 2019
25 – W2 Courses

Per Faculty legislation
30 – Short Term courses