Major Email Lists

Major e-mail lists allow instructors and students to communicate via an interactive email list.

How do I send a message to a majors list?

Address the message to the listname (i.e. The message will be sent to the faculty members teaching a course in that department/program and all the students who have declared their major in that department/major.

Who may send a message to a major list?

The faculty in that department/program, all students who have officially declared their major in the department/program, and any individuals who have been added to the list by request of the chair (i.e. lab assistants).

How do I get on or off a major list?

These lists are generated nightly from information in the Registrar’s database. If you are not on the list of your major, you have not properly declared your intention to major in that department/program. If you are on a list of a major you are no longer intending to pursue, you have not properly dropped that major from your record. Major declaration forms are available at the Registrar and Student Financial Services office in Libbey Forum. Once your major declaration form has been processed, your name will be added to or deleted from the list by the next day. Please direct questions regarding the adding or deleting of staff names on the list to the IT Service Desk.

Department/Program Abbreviations

A complete description of department /program courses is available from each academic course. On this page choose an academic department/program. Scroll down each page to see the abbreviation letters, course number, and section.