Institutional Review Board

Charge of the Board: This committee composed of faculty members and a psychiatrist from the local community, oversees research projects involving human participants. All faculty and student research projects supported by research grants involving human participants, all projects where individuals are not allowed to withdraw from participation, all projects where the research procedure poses any mental or physical risk to the participant, all projects where the anonymity/confidentiality of the participants cannot be guaranteed, all projects where deception is a part of the research design and all projects involving children under the age of 18 must be reviewed by the Institutional Review Board. The committee maintains guidelines on research protocol, fair and respectful treatment of subjects, issues of confidentiality, and informed consent. See for more information.

Board Members:

  • Lori Banks
  • Loring Danforth (Co-chair)
  • Amy Douglass
  • Todd Kahan (Co-chair)
  • Adilah Muhammad (community member)
  • Clarissa Pérez-Armendáriz
  • Dr. Candace Walworth