Snow Plowing and Shoveling Guidelines

During the winter months, the Bates Grounds Crew is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for snow removal. Snow removal begins with the accumulation of approximately 2 inches of snow. Major arteries, heavy traffic areas, and fire lanes are the first to be plowed as preferred pathways, with secondary priority areas addressed next. There are some sidewalks and pathways not essential to foot traffic that are not plowed or otherwise maintained during the winter.

During the course of a storm, only main entrances are kept cleared and all other entrances are cleared at the end of the storm. When plowing and shoveling are complete, a mixture of sand and salt is applied to increase traction and aid in the melting of any ice left behind by the plows.

Every storm is different and depending on whether it is a wet heavy snow or a dry powdery snow, determines how long it will take to clear the campus. Generally, it takes around three hours to complete the preferred walkway routes, after which sand and salt is applied to surfaces. 

During particularly difficult snow days our teams focus on the most heavily used paths first, to make smart use of our resources. Please use the work order request system, or email us at if you want to report an area that needs attention. You may also call 207-786-6449 for time sensitive requests. If there’s a  specific area that needs attention, please let us know.  

Any Bates owned rental properties where the college has responsibility for snow removal are addressed after the main campus and student housing locations have been cleared.Remember that icy surfaces may appear unexpectedly. Choose preferred pathways (indicated on the below map) and walk in a controlled manner, keep a low center of gravity, and  take small steps with arms out for balance, like a penguin. Don’t rush. Set aside extra time to get across campus for meetings or use Zoom during when ice and snow are likely. Snow/Ice cleats improve traction and can be requested thru EHS and are also available for purchase at the college store.