Services Provided

If you are a Bates College student, you may visit Health Services when school is in session. Students with any illness or injury are urged to come promptly to Health Services.

Health Services is a place where students requiring care but not hospitalization may be seen for medical concerns.  In case of an emergency, students may be seen or taken by ambulance to Central Maine Medical Center.

General Medical Services

  • Care for individuals diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Care coordination for medical diagnoses and injuries
  • Illness and injury management
  • RN consultation without insurance billing
  • Appointments with Doctors (MD, DO) or  Family Nurse Practitioners (FNP)
  • Sexual health services
    • Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) screening, testing, and treatment
    • Contraception (birth control pill, patch, etc.)
    • Long acting reversible contraception/birth control (Internal Uterine Device (IUD), Nexplanon)
    • Emergency Contraception (Plan B)
    • Pregnancy testing and counseling
    • HIV Prevention- PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis)
  • Study abroad physical
  • Flu shots
  • Smoking cessation services (support in creating a process to quit smoking)
  • Respiratory nebulizer treatments (for chronic or viral induced asthma)
  • Women’s health- gynecological appointments
  • Skin biopsies to test for abnormal changes in skin
  • Inserting or removing stitches
  • Wart removal
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) – A hands on way to diagnose and treat illness and injury through manipulating bones, muscles, and joints.

Onsite pharmacy services

  • Refilling of maintenance medications through a pharmacy of your choice
  • CMMC Pharmacy onsite delivery to Bates Post & Print

Diagnostics Testing

  • Strep testing
  • Urine pregnancy testing
  • UTI (urinary tract infection) testing
  • Anemia iron testing – hemoglobin finger stick
  • HIV testing
  • High or low blood sugar test – glucose finger stick
  • Mono testing
  • Tuberculosis (TB) testing
  • COVID-19

*Additional lab testing can be collected at BHS and sent to CMMC lab for results


  • MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)
  • TDap (tetanus, diptheria, pertussis)
  • Gardasil (HPV vaccine)
  • Hep B
  • Menactra (meningitis)