The Period Project

Bates College is proud to announce a partnership with Aunt Flow to provide free pads and tampons across campus. Founded in 2016, Aunt Flow is a national, non-profit organization that strives to make menstrual products as widely available and accessible as possible. Starting in February 2022, select restrooms on campus will be regularly stocked with Aunt Flow pads and tampons in an effort to promote menstrual equity on campus.

This initiative is a collaborative effort between Athletics, Facilities Services, Health Services, the Title IX Office, and the Office of Residence Life and Health Education.

Click here to see an interactive map of restrooms with Aunt Flow products.

PDF map of restrooms with Aunt Flow products.


What is Aunt Flow?

Aunt Flow is a nonprofit organization with which Bates College has created a partnership in order to provide free menstrual products across the Bates campus. Aunt Flow’s values center around inclusivity, transparency, access, and sustainability.

What are these products?

Aunt Flow provides their own line of menstrual products, including pads and tampons. All products are made with 100% organic cotton, and are free from synthetics, rayons, and dyes. All packaging and applicators are biodegradable.

Why are these products here?

In the United States, menstrual products are still taxed as luxury items, which makes access to these essential items challenging for some people. Bates hopes to eliminate access barriers to those who may live on, work at, or visit our campus.

This campus-wide initiative was designed with equity and accessibility as a primary goal. Therefore, you may encounter menstrual products in places you are not accustomed to seeing them, like in single-user and gender neutral restrooms, as well as some men’s restrooms. If you don’t personally need to use these products, you don’t need to interact with them!

I don’t use women’s restrooms. Where can I go to find Aunt Flow products?

Bates College recognizes that people of all genders may need menstrual products, and some of those folks do not use women’s restrooms. As such, Aunt Flow products can be found in several gender neutral, single-occupancy bathrooms, as well as in certain multiple-occupancy bathrooms on campus labeled women’s. If we are able to expand this initiative in the future, we will also stock restrooms labeled men’s. Students are also encouraged to submit feedback, including suggestions of alternative locations on campus that may benefit from having Aunt Flow products available.

What do I do if a space listed on the map is out of menstrual products?

If a bathroom is out of products, please submit a request for a restock. Custodial and facilities staff will also continually monitor bathrooms where Aunt Flow stations and will restock as needed.

I have a question that’s not on this list. Where can I go to find the answer?

Use this feedback tab to submit a question (please include your name/email in your response) or email