Winter 2022 Arrival Information

This page will share important housing and arrival information for Winter 2022. While not exhaustive, we hope this page will answer some of your housing and arrival questions.

Complete information about the college’s strategy and approach toward reopening is available on the Covid-19 Information site.

Regular Returning Student Arrival: January 9-11

Sign-up for Your Arrival

The arrival days for returning students will be on Sunday, January 9 to Tuesday, January 11, between 10:00AM and 7:00PM each day at Muskie Archives, 70 Campus Ave.

All returning students arriving on January 9-11 need to sign up for an arrival time on the Garnet Gateway. When you get into the Garnet Gateway, you will see that your second action item is “Bates Campus Arrival & Testing.” You must complete this action item by December 31, 2021 to register for your arrival and testing time.

If you have any conflicts or last minute changes with your arrival, please email the COVID-19 Testing Center team at

Winter Break Residents

Students who applied and were approved to be on campus for Winter Break Housing will still have to participate in Arrival Testing.

Please follow the instructions for “Sign up for Your Arrival” in the “Regular Returning Student Arrival” tab above or see more detailed instructions in the “Arrival Information for All Students” tab below.

Winter break residents who need to receive a booster shot may sign up here. For additional assistance with getting a booster shot, email Bates Health Services at

Early Arrival Dates and Times

Students arriving on January 9-11 should sign up for an arrival time on the Garnet Gateway.

Some students, including Winter Athletes and International students, who are arriving outside of the 9th-11th, should be in contact with their coaches and program heads respectively, for more information about arrival processes, dates, and/or sports schedule.

If you feel you have an exceptional circumstance to arrive on campus early, you may petition to arrive 24 hours earlier.

Late Arrival Dates and Times

If at all possible, students should make every effort to arrive during testing center hours on designated arrival days. We understand that for some students, flight times or other travel restrictions will make this impossible. If you know you will have no choice but to arrive after the testing center is closed (after 7pm, Jan. 9-11), please fill out this google form. If you expect to arrive on a day after the arrival process has concluded, please also fill out the above form.

If you are unexpectedly delayed and arrive on campus after testing center hours, please report to the Campus Safety building for assistance. As a reminder, you must wear a face-covering until you have been tested and cleared.

Arrival Information for All Students

Arrival for the winter 2022 semester will occur on January 9-11 for the classes of 2025, 2024, 2023, and 2022.

The Testing Center will be open from 10:00am-7:00pm on the 9-11th.

Students will need to return to campus during designated times. Once you know your travel plans, follow the instructions below to sign up for a time. If your plans change and you need to change your time, you can log into the system at any time until midnight on December 31 to switch your selection.

If you have trouble signing up for an arrival time, email for assistance.

Once your travel plans are confirmed, please use this process to sign up for your arrival time:

  1. Log into the Garnet Gateway.
  2. Under your to-do menu click on “Bates Campus Arrival & Testing”.
  3. From the list, find the time that best meets your needs and click “sign-up”.
  4. Your registration will be confirmed on the right of your screen under the “My Registered Events” section.

Upon arrival to campus, you will be welcomed, tested, and given access to your housing assignment. Once these tasks are completed, you will arrive at your residence hall and move in. 

It is essential that you arrive on campus at your designated day and time. This will ensure you are able to participate in required testing ahead of receiving access to your residence hall. Students must participate in testing immediately upon arriving on campus. Students who have not been tested will not be allowed access to residence halls.

What to Know Before You Arrive

  • Students must be masked when indoors. The limited exceptions to this requirement, where you do not need to wear a mask, include:
    • When in your own room in your residence hall with no student visitors; and
    • When actively participating in competition in indoor athletic events (e.g., on the court)
  • All students will undergo testing for COVID-19 at the Muskie Archive Testing Center (70 Campus Ave) upon arrival on campus. Residence access will not be granted until this is complete. Results of campus testing will follow the college’s policies and protocols for Isolation and Contact Tracing.
    • All students, even those living in off-campus apartments, must be tested and checked in at Muskie Archives on January 9, 10, or 11 between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. to have access on campus.
    • All vehicles arriving to campus with students should follow instructions from staff directing traffic. Please follow their instructions so we can have an efficient and timely check-in process.
    • Family members and other visitors dropping off students must remain in their vehicles until students have completed their COVID-19 testing and check-in and are ready to go to their residences.
  • Testing is required prior to students receiving access to campus buildings
    • No student will receive access to their housing or Commons before testing. Note that only students who test positive will be contacted with rapid antigen test results.
    • Please remember to bring a valid photo ID to the Testing Center — your Bates student ID is appropriate.
  • After being tested in Muskie Archives, ID cards will be activated, your key issued (if you were not on campus for the fall semester), and students will receive their room keys. Students may then proceed to their residence hall to move into their dorms.

Guest Arrival Requirements

All guests (family members, guardians, parents, etc.) may not be in campus buildings until further notice.

COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters

All students must have the COVID-19 booster shot as soon as eligible. Students must present a digital image or hard copy of their COVID-19 vaccination card upon arrival at Muskie Archives for COVID-19 testing and check-in. A staff member will verify whether you are eligible for a booster and have received it. If you are eligible and have not received a booster, you will be required to get a booster shot on Tuesday, Jan. 11 or Wednesday, Jan. 12 at the Auburn, Maine vaccination clinic. If you are not yet eligible for the booster shot, the staff member at the booster verification table in Muskie will make a note of when you become eligible, and Health Services will follow-up with you at that time. 

For additional detailed information on the COVID-19 vaccine booster requirement, please see the December 29th update from Vice President for Campus Life, Josh McIntosh.

Traveling to Bates

Bates Campus Safety has more information about Transportation over Winter Break 2021-2022, and during January Arrival.

Please see the December Break (2021) page for more information about Transportation for return to campus.

Please see the Transportation to and from Portland and beyond page about transport from areas like the Portland Jetport.

If you have questions about transportation to campus, reach out to Campus Safety–,, or 207-786-6254.

Residence Access

Students will gain access to their residences only after the completion of their COVID-19 test. All ID cards will be activated at Muskie Archives, during the arrival testing process. 

As a reminder, students are required to wear masks in residence halls, except when they are in their own room with no visitors present.

Kitchens will be open and available for use, as long as students wear masks while cooking. Students must eat in their own rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m arriving early. How do I sign up for arrival testing?

  • Please see the “Early Arrival Dates and Times” tab above for instructions on how to petition for early arrival.

I’m arriving when the testing center is closed. What should I do?

  • Please see the “Late Arrival Dates and Times” tab above for more details.

I cannot get to campus until after January 11 due to extenuating circumstances. What should I do?

  • Please see the “Late Arrival Dates and Times” tab above for more details.

Should you have any questions and do not know to whom to direct them, please email and you will be connected to the right person to assist you.