Rising Sophomore Doubles

Rising Sophomore Doubles Process

February 26, 2024 All On-Campus Housing Applications open via HouseCat
Wednesday, April 3, 2024 Applications close at midnight for rising sophomores
Thursday, April 4, 2024 Selection times released by 7:00 p.m.
Friday, April 5, 2024 Rising Sophomores Doubles Room Selection
Selection Times Begin: 5:00 p.m.
Room Selection Closes: 10:00 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the group sizes for doubles?
Only groups of two students can apply for a double. Only two-person VERIFIED groups will be given a doubles selection time.

Can you participate in doubles selection if you participated in another process?
If you were unsuccessful in securing a room in other processes, you may regroup and re-verify to a group of two students for doubles. If you selected a space in any other housing process, you are done with the room selection process and are not eligible for any other selection.

How are sophomore doubles times calculated?
Groups of two in doubles room selection will receive one time for their group that is averaged from their two individual times (which are random by class year). 

What if students from different class years are paired together?
While the majority of campus doubles are filled with students in the same class year, we recognize that this is not the case for all roommate pairs. If a pair is mixed-adjacent class years, they would select at the end of the more senior students selection day. If more than one class year apart, they would be averaged into the middle class year.

  • a senior and junior would select at the end of the seniors’ selection times
  • a junior and sophomore would select at the end of the juniors’ selection times
  • a senior and a sophomore would be averaged into the juniors’ selection times

How long will my group have to select a space?
We want to provide each group with as much time to select their housing as possible. The time slot you are given is your START time. You can take as much time as you want, but please be advised groups will continue picking. Once you click into a room, you will have two minutes to confirm beds.

How do I find out more information on available rooms?
Please take advantage of viewing floor plans online before logging in for room selection so that you are fully informed of your individual room options.

  • View floorplans listed by residence name here (includes square footage).
  • You will need to enter your e-mail username and password to access online floor plans. You will be able to view each room’s square footage and the number of windows, as well as proximity to stairways, bathrooms, etc.

What if there are no available spaces for doubles at my turn?
If there are no spaces left in doubles at your turn or no spaces you desire, you should break apart for singles selection. To watch a video showing you how to manage and reform roommate group, click here.

Can Housing give me a random roommate assignment?
There is no random roommate assignment process. If you wish to live in a double, you must find a roommate, join a group, and verify your group prior to the application deadline. You can search for a roommate on Housecat in the Housing Selection Application. If you are having trouble finding a roommate, we also recommend reaching out through friend networks or posting on class pages on social media platforms.  If you do not select a room in the housing selection process, you will be placed in housing during the Summer Placement process.

Selecting a Room

All students seeking housing on campus for the fall semester who do not select housing during any preceding processes may participate in doubles room selection.

During this room selection process, students will select housing based on selection times randomly generated by class year.

Double Selection
1. Group leader creates group of two and manages membership. If the intended roommate has completed their application, the group leader can add them to the application directly. If not, the intended roommate can add themselves to the group when they create their application. The group leader must share the group name and password for the group with their intended roommate so that they will be able to add themselves.If an intended roommate has not yet completed their application, the group member can add themselves to the group after they complete their application.
2. Group leaders verify group. After the other roommate joins the group of two, the group leader needs to verify the group of two to be certain that membership is correct. If a group of two is not verified, the group leader will not be able to select housing during the room selection process.
3. Each group member receives an averaged timeslot. After all groups are verified and the application window closes, each group will receive a time slot.
4. Group selects housing during selection time. During their designated room selection time, the group leader (with consultation from their roommate) will select the group’s housing from available options on the HouseCat portal. It is the group leader’s responsibility to select housing for the group. If a group needs to change their group leader, they may do so in the same location where they manage group membership (HouseCat step 6).Groups will only be able to select housing in spaces where their group size exactly matches the number of beds available.
Note: Housing selection is binding. Once you have confirmed your selection on the HouseCat portal, you will not be able to change your housing. To watch a video showing you how to choose a double or single room, click here.

Double Rooms* 

Doubles Housing Options

 2 Room Doubles
  • Smith South 101
  • Smith South 102
  • Smith South 103
  • Smith South 104
  • Smith South 401
  • Smith South 402
  • Smith South 403
  • Smith South 404
Doubles in Residence Halls
  • Chu Hall, First Floor (4)
  • Chu Hall, Third Floor (8)
  • Chu Hall, Fourth Floor (8)
  • Gillespie Hall, First Floor (18)
  • Gillespie Hall, Third Floor (8)
  • JB G06
  • Kalperis, Third Floor (8)
  • Kalperis, Fourth Floor (7)
  • Rand, Ground Floor (5)
  • Adams Hall, First Floor (8)
  • Adams Hall, Second Floor (7)
  • 96 Campus Ave, Third Floor (1)
  • 96 Campus Ave, First and Second Floor (Coming Soon)
Doubles in Quiet Houses
  • Cheney 1
  • Cheney 21
  • Cheney 23
  • Cheney 31
  • Cheney 32
  • Cheney 34
Doubles in Healthy Living House
  • Wood St 2
  • Wood St 7
Doubles in Other Houses
  • 10 Frye 302
  • FSU (3)
  • Hacker (9)
  • Hayes (7)
  • Herrick (2)
  • Mitchell (6)
  • Moulton (7)
  • Parsons (9)
  • Pierce (8)
  • Small (11)
  • Webb (6)*
  • Nash (3)
  • Please note this list does not include rooms:
    • involved in other processes
  • Theme Houses are marked with an *:
    • 2024-2025 Theme House: Webb House – Music House
  • This list does not reflect rooms selected by senior and junior doubles
  • *Some rooms in these buildings have been reserved for members of the incoming first-year class.

Housing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

If you have a diagnosed disability and need to pursue a housing accommodation, you should contact the Office of Accessible Education.