How to Apply

On-Campus applications will open on February 26th, 2024!!

Applying for and selecting housing at Bates is easy!

Step 1: Fill out your HouseCat application. Don’t worry if you are not sure of roommates yet, you can always go back and change!

Step 2: Chat with friends about making roommate groups. All of the processes are generally from bigger group sizes to smaller, so for example, if your group of 8 does not work out, you can go back in and break the group into smaller groups, re-verify and try another process. 

Step 3: Verify your group. Verifying just means you are telling our office this group is closed and ready for selection. When you verify, we know you are ready and you will be given a timeslot for that process. Don’t worry, it’s just a button on the application!

Step 4: Select your space. You or whoever is the leader of your group will be able to log in at your starting timeslot and select a room. Yes, the exact room, and it is in real time. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Who should fill out an application?
All students planning to take classes at Bates during the Fall semester must complete a housing application on HouseCat ( Whether they are interested in off-campus, theme houses, being a JA or CA, interested in suites or blocks of various sizes, or doubles/singles, every student here in the fall needs to fill out their application. The housing application via HouseCat is how you inform the Office of Residence Life that you will be studying at Bates in the fall.

I am studying abroad in the fall, should I fill out HouseCat application?
No, Spring Room Selection is only for students who will be at Bates in the fall semester. If you will be abroad, you will fill out a HouseCat application as part of the Winter Placement Process in November.

How long does it take to apply?
It takes less than 5 minutes to apply.

Is there a place on the application that I select if I want a single, double, suite?
No, there is not. You will start your application and have the opportunity to form groups with other students for shared spaces, or not make a group for a single. At the closing date and time of each process, any VERIFIED group will be automatically given a selection start time for that process. If you do not have a group on the singles day, you would be automatically given a singles time. 

HouseCat Application

HouseCat is Bates’ online housing selection platform. HouseCat allows students to apply for and select their housing online. Flexible, streamlined, and accessible from anywhere, HouseCat is the home of housing selection at Bates.

Starting your Application

  1. Visit (or the HouseCat Portal button in the sidebar).
  2. Log in using your Bates credentials (the username and password you use for your email).
  3. Click on “Application” in the red menu bar.
  4. Select the term you are applying for.

Follow the prompts to complete your application.

Application Steps 1-5

You may watch a video with tips for completing your application or read the steps below:

Step 1: Welcome 

This page will give you general information about the Room Selection Processes that are open. Click the “Start My Application” button on the bottom to begin.

Step 2: Personal Details

Please review and verify that all of your personal details below are correct. If any changes need to be made, please log in to the Garnet Gateway or contact the Registrar at 207-755-5949. Press “Save & Continue” after you have reviewed the information.

  • Please be certain to verify your class year. Class year is used to determine your selection time. Any issues with class year should be reported to Residence Life and the Registrar.
  • Please make sure to contact the Office of Accessible Education if you have a diagnosed disability and need a housing accommodation.

Press “Save & Continue”

Step 3: On-Campus Housing

Generally, some rising seniors apply for and participate in the off-campus lottery. If that’s not you, please select the “On-Campus” option. Press “Save & Continue.”

Step 4: Housing Bio

If you would like your information to show up in roommate searches in the “Roommate Group” section, please select so on this page. You may also add information on what potential roommates should know about you. Press “Save & Continue.”

Step 5: Profile

This profile carries into all applications and housing processes you participate in at Bates and can be updated at any time. Questions surrounding your lifestyle and preferences help the Residence Life Office better match you with roommates if the need arises. Press “Save & Continue.”

Application Step 6: Roommate Groups

Step 6 of your HouseCat application offers the opportunity to form a roommate group. You may already have a plan, if so you can start making a group. If not you can close the application, connect with friends, and return back later to form a roommate group.

If you would only like to receive a time for the singles room selection, do not create or join a roommate group. Please only press “Save & Continue.” Any application that is not part of a group will automatically receive a single room selection time at their class year’s singles selection process. This does not guarantee that a single will be available at your selection time. 

Groups of 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8
Any student planning to live with another person(s), whether in a double, suite, etc. needs to join a roommate group. A roommate group links your applications, so one person can select for your whole group and allows you to select a room or section of rooms that matches your group size. 

  • If you are the first in your group to apply: Create a group and share the name and password with your friends.* You will need to create a name and password for your group, make sure this is easy to spell and communicate to a housing staff member if you need IT help during selection. You are now the group leader. Once all have applied and joined the group log back in and VERIFY the group under “Options.” This is you as the leader saying the group is complete. You can also reassign group leader status to another member under “Options.”
  • If your friend has already created a group: You will need to know the name and password of the established group to join. If you are the last person in your group to join, tell your group leader so that they can VERIFY the group.

Application Step 7: Housing Contract

In step 7 of your HouseCat application, you will sign your housing contract. The Residence and Dining Policies are available on our website. You will need your Student ID Number to sign that you understand the policies. Signing off on the policies will submit your application.

Application Status

After you submit your housing contract, you will arrive at the “Application Status” summary page. Your status will read “Not Complete” until your housing has been confirmed by the Office of Residence Life & Health Education. If you are seeing this page, your application has been received by our office. 

Housing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

If you have a diagnosed disability and need to pursue a housing accommodation, you should contact the Office of Accessible Education.