Early Return Policy for ​Winter Season ​Varsity Athletes

Students who study abroad at universities in the southern hemisphere typically complete their final exams in mid-November.  Varsity team athletes may return to Bates later in November to join team practices for the winter season if certain conditions are met.  The goal of this program is to support the competitiveness of Bates teams within NESCAC, to support students’ and their coaches’ desire to build a cohesive team, to encourage these students to study abroad, and to encourage more students to study abroad during the fall semester which serves the College’s enrollment management needs.  This “early return” option is available only for participating varsity athletes and only during the fall semester, at the beginning of their team’s winter season.

The following conditions must be met to return early:

  • The Office of Residence Life and Health Education needs to have extra beds available so it can to provide a bed on campus that does not inconvenience other students.
  • The student must have a positive social history at Bates, have a 10-15 hour a week volunteer or work commitment on or off-campus, and understand that any inappropriate behavior during the “early return period” will result in immediate departure from campus.
  • In addition, the early return needs to be supported by the student’s coach, and the Department of Athletics needs to pay for the student’s meals in Commons.
  • Coordinated by the Center of Global Education, the Dean of Students has sole discretion on whether an early return is appropriate and whether the student may remain on campus during the “early return period.”