Dental and Vision Plans

Dental Plan Information

Premium Dental Plan Summary
Overview of what is covered under the new Premium Dental Plan.

Standard Dental Plan Summary
Overview of what is covered under the existing Standard Dental Plan.

•Note that most dentist’s offices will file a dental claim with Aetna on your behalf.  If not, use this Aetna Dental Claim Form to submit your claim to Aetna.

• Aetna Dental Network:  You may visit any dentist in the area and receive reimbursement for eligible expenses.  The Aetna Dental Network is the “Dental PPO/PDN with PPO II Network”.  If you do go to an Aetna network dentist you will be able to take advantage of the rates that Aetna has negotiated and your annual maximum may go further.

Instructions for making changes

• Review of employee dental payroll contribution rates

• Aetna will continue to be our dental plan carrier in 2024.  The Premium Dental Plan features an increased member annual maximum reimbursement from the $1,000 offered under the Standard Plan to $1,500.  The Premium Dental Plan also offers a separate $ 2,000-lifetime reimbursement per member for orthodontia coverage (available for both adults and children).

• Note you will not receive an Aetna Dental ID card for either plan through the mail.  You may print one off of your Aetna Navigator Account or simply identify to your dentist that you now have Aetna as your dental carrier and give them your name, date of birth, and either your Aetna member ID number (same as your medical ID number) or your social security number.

+If your dentist’s office does not already have Aetna Dental’s claim office information it is:

PO Box 14094
Lexington KY  40512-4094
Phone: 1-877-238-6200

Vision Plan Information

•This is a voluntary plan that will assist with the cost of frames, lenses or contact lenses. A preventative annual vision visit will still be covered under the medical plan at 100 percent.  To get the highest level of benefit under the vision plan you will want to get your glasses or contact lenses from a participating network provider.  There are both national chains and local providers in the network.  To find a network provider near you please visit or call Aetna Vision at 1-877-973-3238.

•Review the vision plan summary and the vision plan flyer for more details on the plan.  You can also use your vision benefit to get prescription sunglasses.