Retirement Benefits

Retirement Benefits

Bates College maintains two separate plans providing retirement benefits, the Bates College Money Purchase Pension Plan (Bates College Pension Plan) and the Bates College 403(b) Retirement Plan (Bates College Savings Plan). In order to participate in the Bates College Pension Plan, or receive a college matching contribution from the Bates College Savings Plan, the employee must be classified in a benefit status of half-time or more. All employees regardless of their status can contribute to the Bates College Savings Plan. If a non-benefit eligible employee exceeds 1000 hours in an employment year, he or she will become eligible to participate in both the Bates College Pension Plan and receive a college matching contribution on the first of the month following the anniversary of their employment year.

Current News: Have you updated your TIAA Account Security?

TIAA has different options for adding multi-factor security to your account.  You can set your account up to receive a text message after entering your User ID and Password.  You can also use Voice Biometric Authentication which uses your voice as your password.  Click on the TIAA Cybersecurity Program link below for more information.

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Latest update: 03/29/19