Required Benefit Documents & Notices

  • Employee Handbook – The Bates College Employee Handbook is a resource for information regarding policies, employment, benefits, payroll processing and administration and environmental health and safety as they relate to employment at Bates College.
  • Retirement Plan Fee Disclosure Notices – Plan and Investment Notices help you make informed decisions when managing your retirement account.  The notice includes a comparative chart of investment fund performance and related fees for the investment fund options you have under the Bates retirement plans.
  • HIPAA Privacy Notice – You may have received a Privacy Notice from your medical insurance carrier or your doctor’s office regarding how they handle your medical information.  A Privacy Notice outlines the procedures for handling “protected health information” or PHI as a result of the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).  The requirements of HIPAA apply to the Bates Healthcare Reimbursement Account Plan as well because you submit PHI when submitting a claim to Group Dynamic, Inc.
  • Initial COBRA Notice – This notice provides you with a summary of your rights to continue your medical and dental coverage under COBRA.
  • Medical Plan Notices – Find various required notices and disclosures regarding the Bates Medical Plan here including the Medicare Notice of Creditable Coverage.
  • Summary Annual Reports – Similar to how you must file your tax forms each year with the IRS, Bates must file an annual informational report for various benefit plans.
  • Summary Plan Descriptions and Certificates of Coverage – Find links to the Summary Plan Descriptions and Certificates of Coverage that describe the various benefit plans available at Bates.