Reimbursement Accounts

Healthcare Reimbursement Account (HCRA)

Limited Purpose Flexible Spending Account (for use if you or your spouse have a High Deductible Health Plan with a Health Savings Account)

Dependent Care Reimbursement Account (DCRA)

Group Dynamic Reimbursement Account Debit Card Information

If you are new to the Medical FSA this year, you will automatically receive a debit card at no cost to you.  Please see links to materials below about the card. If you have chosen to use the GDI Debit card in 2019 and wish to continue to use a card in 2020, please don’t throw your card away.  The same card will be reloaded with your new election for 2020.  The annual cost for the GDI debit card has been waived! See the “Debit Card Tip Sheet” below for instructions on ordering additional cards for your dependents.

See the below links to Group Dynamic Debit Card information for more details on the card.