Mahoosuc Notch (Hadley Moreau photo) 

Here you will find a full list and description of the different Backpacking trips we offer. Click on the drop-down boxes to learn more about the awesome Batesies who will lead them! 

Carter Ridge (Intermediate Physical Strenuousness)

Carter Ridge I Leaders: Sam Hastings and Katharine Gaillard 

Heyooo, yung ‘Cats!!! It’s ya boi Sam! Are you ready for the dopest hiking experience you’ve ever had?? Carter I, which my fearless co Katharine and I are leading, is about to be the freshest trip around. I’m from Hanover, NH, just a quick jaunt from the Lew. While I’m best known for my ability to speed eat Domino’s pizza, I also play ultimate frisbee, major in Politics, and enjoy shredding the occasional gnar come the snowy season. I’m stoked to meet all you guys, get psyched to hike!

–Sam Hastings ‘19

Hi y’all, Katharine here! Wow I’m so excited to meet all of you! I grew up in New Hampshire and was taken on hikes by my dad until I finally gave in to admit that yes, this one thing that my dad does is really cool. And now, it’s sort of our thing. We went winter hiking a couple years ago, we’ve been around the Presidentials a bunch, and we’ve probably covered most of southern New Hampshire on foot, bike, or canoe. Besides that, I love anything to do with growing food, I’m a Politics major, and the first thing I would recommend doing as a Bates student is to show up with some of your new Bobcat friends at a cool space in Lewiston and get to know some people!

Carter Ridge II Leaders: Jason Canaday and Elizabeth Fairman

Hey-o bobkittens!! Elizabeth here, I am beyond stoked to be leading Carter Two Fast Two Furious!!! I hail from the Great Lakes State, and as a proud Michiganian I love eating at as many Detroit food trucks as possible, hanging out on the beaches of Lake Huron, and praying for a miracle season where the Detroit Lions will make it to the playoffs (oh, to dream). As a rising sophomore at Bates, you can find me playing 2000’s throwbacks way too early in the AM on my WRBC radio show, rowing like the wind on the trusty Androscoggin River with the indomitable Bates Rowing team, munching on motz sticks and Arnold Palmers at the den, or distracting my pals in my second home, THE George and Helen Ladd Library as I attempt to double major in History and Psych (rip in peace). Luckily, I’m easy to spot because in a weird twist of fate, I received two separate gifts, Hunter boots and a Fjallraven backpack, that are the exact same shade of millennial pink last Christmas, both of which I sport constantly. Can’t find me in the usual haunts? Then I’m probably napping in various locations on campus with my hammock or consuming chicken nugs and Tollhouse pie in commons by the plateful. In addition to these sendy exploits, I love hiking all over Michigan, Tennessee, and Maine with my family and friends, and consuming way too much Annie’s Mac and Cheese in the process. Although my trusty co-leader Jason is currently mourning the loss of the traffic cone filter on Snapchat, we hope to rally his spirits in time to lead this dope expedition along Carter Ridge so I can yell my longest yah boiiii ever from the top.Can’t wait to see you all!! Peace n Love -Elizabeth

The Carter Ridge is located on the border of the Wild River Wilderness in the White Mountain National Forest. The ridge is know for its incredible 360 degree views of the White Mountains. For the majority of the trip, groups will follow the Appalachian trail as it goes over several mountains including Carter Dome, Mount Moriah, and Mount Height. Uphill hiking for the first day will put groups near the ridge. The second day will be spend hiking along the ridge and enjoying the beauty. After the ridge, it’s all downhill. Carter I and II share the same itinerary but head in opposite directions on the trail. A trip of moderate difficulty with views that are well worth it!

Mileage:  18.3 miles 

Grafton (Intermediate Physical Strenuousness)

Grafton I Leaders: Jin Wei and Ursula Rall 

Dear future members of class of 2022, we are thrilled to welcome you to our trip! We are a multicultural duo specializing in delivering world-class wilderness insights with Jin (who cannot drive) and Ursula (who cannot read in her first language).
I’m Ursula and let me introduce you to my co-leader Jin. He originally hails from China, but in the last 4 years has lived in Hawaii, Ohio (the very best of the fly-over states), and now Maine. He is a Economics and Religious Studies double major and is involved in the offices of Campus Life and Residential Life. He loves to play video games (I know, super cool right?) which he has adapted into a way to engage with the community as the leader of Bates Video Game Club. Need any advice on what the college has to offer? Definitely ask Jin instead of me since I practically live in the library.
Fun Fact: Jin went to high school in Hawaii but surfs more on the east coast than he did there. Feel free to shame him for this.

Hello, nihao, salaam namaste, sawadee ka, konichiwa, my name is Jin. I am honored to introduce you my proven colleague, Ursulaaaaaa—- a shy soul who played soccer for 9 years yet had never been CARDED (she once felt bad tripping a girl and apologized for 2 hours). We were Parker floormates during our first year, and I felt a special tie with her immediately when I noticed her unconventional Asian brows: “Hey, are you somehow Japanese?” As you would expect from an anime plot, Sensei Ursula later boosted my Japanese and Spanish fluency. When she felt that I have grown powerful enough to take on Bates, Ursula left me alone for one semester last year to study why Europeans are happier in Spain. She is from the Buckeye state of Ohio, which is a little more interesting than her major- history (jk). When eating in Commons, she prefers the upper-stair just so you know where to find her, because she is a fundamentalist when it comes to social media. She has mastered the Japanese culinary art that reassures your aesthetic appetite and safety over the course of AESOP. So bring your hungry spirit and intellectual curiosity to join us!

Grafton II Leaders:  Gavin Blair and Dylan Simon

Ahoyyyyyyyyyy there Bobcats!! I’m Gavin from Sun Valley, Idaho. Get ready for the greatest trip of your lives: Grafton 2 with me and my co-leader, Queen Dylan. In my free time, I love to kick back, play frisbee, ski, and hang with da blows. I am a Neuroscience major and ‘like,’ ‘love,’ science so we can always talk about that, I have explored a lot of the mulch covered trails and mountains of the West and East Coast, so choose Grafton 2 ‘cause we da best! Hope to see y’all during orientation week! Stay frosty and with much love… Gavin Blair ‘21

Howdy Hey lil First-Years, my name is Dylan and I’m a five foot two chiller from the great West coast: San Francisco, California. I can’t drive, surf, bike or ski but I sure as heck LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEE hiking. My favorite trail snack is dirt covered crispy apples, and my dope co-leader Gavin and I will fearlessly lead you through the woods of Maine. I’m an enviro major and an education minor, and I couldn’t be more hyped that you chose Bates College. I love to take long walks on the beach and want all of you reading this to sign up for Grafton 2, the greatest trip offered. Catch y’all on the flippidy flop. Peace…Dylan Simon ‘21.

What better way is there to explore your new home than to see Maine’s expansive wilderness from the top of a mountain? On the western half of the Grafton Loop Trail, you will summit Stowe Mountain, Sunday River Whitecap, and the 4170-foot Old Speck Mountain and experience the beautiful landscape that Maine has to offer. This trip that takes you up a steady incline for three out of the four days also offers some challenging sections of trail that will be well rewarded once you are standing at the top of Old Speck looking at the beautiful views. Grades are mostly easy to moderate with a few short steep pitches. Sharing the trail with AT thru-hikers and sitting around the campfire at night calls for some new and exciting friendships to be made. On the eastern half of the Grafton Loop Trail, you will summit both West and East Balpate and Puzzle Mountain. Grafton II is slightly longer than Grafton I but are similar in challenge and beauty.

Mileage: 20.1 miles/21.5 miles

Pemigewasset (High Physical Strenuousness)

Pemigewasset I Leaders: Emma Westwater and Nicholas Coker

Hola bob-gatitos!! My name is Emma and I’m an incoming senior hailing from the great state of Massachusétts. I really like Maine and Bates College and AESOP and I’m so so excited to be back in action with my dear co leader Nick Coker on Pemigewasset 1! At Bates College, I major in Politics and minor in Spanish and Education! I studied abroad in ChilE winter semester of 2018 and quite enjoyed practicing spanish and eating empanadas along with lots of other things. At Bates College, when I’m not in class, you’re likely to find me going on runs to the river, hammocking on alumni, and sitting in commons for a very long time mixing different types of cereal. I also spend time in the Lewiston Public Schools working with students, T the D (play Ultimate Frisbee), swim in ponds and eat a lot of ice cream from Dairy Joy (which has so much cookie dough in the cookie dough ice cream it’s amazing). I spend the summers with actual children in the woods so I’m amped to get spend a few days in the woods with a bunch of you guys. A few other things I like that I think are key to who I am: cozy sweaters, crocs, wearing a hat and mittens even when it’s not that cold, the ocean, Annie’s mac and cheese, Michelle Obama, my brother, my grandma!, dogs, mangos, eggs to order in commons and taking walks around the puddle. DO this AESOP! Pemigewasset I! Nick is the best and we will all have such fun!

What’s good, guys?!? My name is Nick and I’ll be leading this sweet backpacking trip on Pemigewasset I with the greatest co-leader of all time, EMMA WESTWATER!!! I was raised by the deep wilderness of southern West Virginia, where I spent my time traversing the rugged geography and appreciating the great outdoors. At Bates, I am a senior Neuroscience major with aspirations of one day practicing rural medicine. In the winter of 2018 I studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, where the fun AND the number of people wearing all-black outfits were both endless. Outside of the classroom, I am the president of Bates Builds, which is a community service organization dedicated to assisting members of Lewiston’s underserved population. This means that a few times a week I can be found with a paintbrush in hand at Blake Street Towers! In addition, I love hammocking on Alumni, tossing a disc with friends (Emma is insanely good, just an FYI), and playing the occasional game of Super Smash Bros. This AESOP is going to be AMAZING!!! Emma and I know how to have a great time, so come do some stellar backpacking on Pemi with us!

Pemigewasset II Leaders: Madison Liistro and Jason Lu

Salutations, bobkittens. My name is Madison, but I also enjoy Mads– it’s short, like me! I come from a land called Farmington, Connecticut, but, contrary to the stereotype, I own zero items of clothing with embroidered whales. (Nothing against those who are fans, though.) I’m a junior at this lovely place called Bates College, at which you’ve (aptly) chosen to spend your next four years. I’m an avid partaker in activities in the great outdoors- you can find me hiking, skiing, and hammocking in all capacities that Bates has to offer, as well as, of course, scootering with my scooter-buddy and co-leader Jason Lu (they see us rollin… they hatin… etc etc). I also spend a large portion of my time tossing discs (aka Ultimate Frisbee), working for Bates EMS (so I know a thing or two about how to fix you when you’re broken) and eating chicken patties in my favorite place on campus: Commons. As for ~school~, I’m a Biology major, Spanish minor, and pre-med (sort of). I freaking love Bates (scratch em up cats) and I am positively amped to welcome you people here in the very best of ways- by sweating in the sun hikin up a mountain and singing under the stars around a fire. My buddy Jason is the peanut butter to my jelly, the spongebob to my patrick … (insert more corny ways to describe that Jason and I are good pals here) and we can’t wait to meet you all. We hopefully won’t get lost– hope ya’ll are good navigators… (kidding. We gotchu). Get excited for your latest adventure, newest Batesies, and get stoked for an absolutely lit trip!! <3 <3 <3 Mads

Hello future friends, my name is Jason! I come from the quaint town of Westborough, Massachusetts. I spent my summers as a young child skipping rocks, throwing acorns, and poking things with sticks in the woods.
At Bates, I currently study Mathematics, but there are so many other cool topics that I enjoy learning about! I sing for the a cappella group Manic Optimists and play club rugby. Additionally, I also work as a junior advisor at Frye House (the best residential house ever) and tutor at the Math and Stats Workshop! If you ever have housing or Calculus questions, I’m your go to!
With my goal to becoming the number one streetballer on this side of the Mississippi in mind, I spend thousands of hours a week in the gym perfecting my hesi pull-up jimbo. When I’m not balling, I enjoy singing Hozier (much too loudly probably) in the shower and playing Xbox (Fortnite anyone?) I also dabble a little bit in photography.
I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with Madison “Mads” Liistro this past year as Junior Advisors, and now I’m equally as excited to meet all of you all! AESOP was easily one of my top five first-year experiences, and I can’t wait to share this awesome gift with all of you. Class of 2022, get ready for a g R e A T time!!

Pemigewassett explores the largest Wilderness in the White Mountain National Forest, spanning from Franconia Notch all the way to Crawford Notch. The section of trail you will be hiking runs over some of the highest and most scenic mountains in New Hampshire outside the Presidential Range. You can watch the sunset from the summit of Garfield, take a dip in Ethan Pond, and spend some quality time up in the alpine zone. Stopping at AMC’s Galehead and Zealand Huts for lunch, breaks up the challenging trail. The steep climb to the summit of South Twin Mountain is worth the struggle because the views from the top are gorgeous. Next, you will find your way through the maze of boulders to the summit of Mount Guyot, one of the more remote peaks of the White Mountains. Guyot offers a panoramic view of the entire Pemigewassett Wilderness and on a nice day, you can even see as far as the Presidential Range. You won’t be disappointed if you choose Pemigewassett as your trip!

Mileage: 22.5 miles

*Pemigewasset Wilderness I & II share the same itinerary, but are run in opposite directions.

Baxter Bushwackers (High Physical Strenuousness)

Baxter Bushwhackers I Leaders: Miles Lamberson and Katie Kelley

Miles Lamberson is the proud former owner of dairy goats. Now one of them proudly resides on his dorm wall (you do the math, RIP we love u sweet thing). On campus Miles is active with Bates EMS and enjoys frolicking with the Outing Club, be it on bikes, skis or our newly acquired, full size, authentic, clean-coal fired, Mississippi River steamboat. Hailing from the Continent of Vermont, Miles brings a distinct inability to process gluten, but devours mountains any day.
On a more serious note, I’m a Sociology major, Spanish minor, who has been working on the pre-med requirements along the way. This will be my fourth, and (likely, but who knows) final AESOP, and I cannot wait to share the highlight of orientation week with our incoming first years. Welcome to our weird, disjointed, liberal arts family!

Hailing from a mystical land nestled west of the Mississippi, Katie Kelley comes at you with enthusiasm, bad jokes, and a keen desire to bag peaks. Active in on-campus activities such as competitive door holding, duck-watching club and extreme leaf pile jumping, her days are filled to the brim with all the fun things Bates has to offer.
She’s an Environmental Studies major, minoring in French and havin’ a good time. Like Miles, she is embarking on her fourth and potentially final AESOP and truly cannot wait to lead a few select members of the bright-eyed, bushy tailed class of 2022 up the highest peak on the Eastern seaboard.
Scratch ’em up cats!

Baxter Bushwhackers II Leaders: Sophia Marion and Christian Welch

My name is Sophia Marion and I am an avid dog-lover, outdoor adventurer, and lactose intolerant. I’m a senior psychology major with Christian (a.k.a. mama bear) and an education minor. I hail from Baltimore, Maryland, which is also known for its official state sport, jousting. You can usually find me making funny faces at babies or jumping around obstacle courses in Christian’s room. On the weekends, I love to shred the gnar or when it’s warm hike up some mountains with friends (you can check out my recent outdoor debut on the Overland Instagram). My favorite meals in commons include the Italian almond cookies, oven roasted kernel corn, and sweet potato tots, you could say I am a health nut. Christian and I cannot wait to lead y’all up the TALLEST Maine mountain, disclaimer Christian is highly directionally challenged, however, he would be the one friend I would allow to do surgery on me. Can’t wait to hear all about your favorite B-RATED superpowers (mundane every average joe powers), what butters you do and don’t like including of course peanut-butter, as well as if any liquid could come out of your belly-button what it would be!! See you soon ‘cats.

How’s it going AESOPers! My name is Christian Welch and I’m a senior at Bates studying Psychology and Public Health. On campus you can find me playing frisbee with the Ultimate Frisbee team, skiing at Sunday River or Lost Valley, or at Commons (Bates’ incredible dinning hall). I’m a big time hiker, riddler, and outdoor enthusiast and I can’t wait to venture Baxter Bushwhacker with my awesome co-leader Sophia and you all. I’m an accomplished hiker, primarily in the Adirondacks Mountains, but as long as Sophia is around y’all are in great hands. Sophia is the fun-loving supportive friend that everyone needs in their lives. Whenever I have a problem or I need advice she is the first person I talk to. For fun, Sophia and I love to cook elaborate dinners while maintaining a healthy amount of squabbling for the duration of the meal. We’ve become quite the cooks so get ready for some delicious PB&Js and oatmeal cause we are essentially professionals. Some other fun facts about me are that I’ve been scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef during my time abroad in Australia, I’m an expert in cheese, working at a fancy cheese shop for over two years, and my sleep schedule typically resembles that of a koala bear (ie. 14-16 hours a day). I’m always ready to play games on the trail or at the campsite; I’m sneaky good so bring your A game. I can’t wait to kick off your adventure at Bates.
See you soon! -CWW

Baxter State Park has some of the wildest and most spectacular terrain in New England and includes Maine’s highest peak, Mt. Katahdin. Following a rigorous schedule and strenuous days of hiking, this trip is open to experienced hikers who want to challenge themselves and accomplish the feat of summiting Katahdin. Traversing the ridge between Pamola Peak and Baxter Peak, this trip takes you up Knife Edge, the most famous trail to the summit. You will be sure to catch a glimpse of everything from this 5267 foot peak and you won’t be let down by the views.

Mileage: 23 miles

Saddleback (High Physical Strenuousness)

Saddleback I Leaders: Jake Atwood and Lucy Faust

Hi AESOPers, my name is Jake Atwood and I look forward to leading one the greatest AESOP trips the program has ever known. I’m from Natick, Massachusetts, where I first cultivated my love of hiking by bushwhacking through the dense brush of the Boston suburbs. In my spare time in the “front-country,” I enjoy tossing disks, shredding the Sunday River gnar, occasionally hugging a tree or two, and singing campfire songs until I get to drive back out to the wilderness again. You can recognize me by my low-hanging nalgene and the doves which are released each time I enter a room. Lucy and I look forward to meeting you all, and we cannot wait for the most fun Aesop/adventure/Indian-Jones-style-montage any of us have experienced–coming this September to a trail near you.

Hello new Bobcats & Batesies! I am Lucy Faust, a rising senior, hailing from Piedmont, California. Here at Bates you can find me swimming long distances in pools and lakes, walking backwards touring excited parents, and spending hours in my favorite place on campus- Commons (our dining hall). I’ve got loves for pesto, an early bedtime, a killer sunrise, summer camp, and great egg sandwiches. Academically, you’ll find me dabbling in primarily Economics and Rhetoric, though I’ve taken classes in 13 departments at Bates. Jake and I can’t wait to hike tall heights and make s’mores over low embers for four days straight with you! Saddleback I was also my AESOP as a first-year– but it was missing something. Perhaps it was you!

Saddleback II Leaders: Trevor Fry and Becca Havian

Hey, hey little bobkittens! My name is Trevor and I am beyond excited to be your AESOP leader on Saddleback II (aka the most fun hiking trip ever to happen). I’m psyched to meet all of you, and to lead with my wonderful friend Becca. The two of us go way way back, all the way to the first few days of freshmen year when we happened to live next to each other in the best dorm on campus: Page Hall. The rest is history. I currently live in Groton, Massachusetts (where the Dunkin Donuts locations outnumber the inhabitants), but I also grew up in the outdoors around Vermont, Ohio, Maine, France, and Morocco and spent most of my summers hiking and swimming my way through the Green Mountains and my winters shredding on that sweet sweet pow.
On campus I’m a member of the men’s rowing team and I enjoy getting real sendy up and down the beautiful Androscoggin River. You can usually catch us in the erg room in the gym or trying to see how long we can linger in Commons after practice. I also sing acapella in Bates’ best all-male group: The Manic Optimists. Look forward to serenading from both Becca and me, as we will be practicing lullabies and up-beat hiking songs for y’all.
To sum it all up, I’m so so stoked to get to know all of you and to introduce you to all that’s wonderful about Bates and the people that go here.

Hey hey! My name’s Becca (affectionately called Bec, Bean, Squirrel, Nut, and Punk by my loving parents), and I’m BEYOND pumped to be leading Saddleback II this year with my good friend Trev!! Passionate chili-eating Bates senior, hailing from the booming metropolis of Piedmont, California, I have been a lover of the outdoors for my whole gosh darn life! I spent most of my adolescence livin it up in Lake Tahoe, skiing/hiking/tubing/swimming, you name it. When I’m not hoofin it in the backwoods or slummin it on the waterfront, I’m hanging with some of the coolest people on campus – fellow ladies of the ultimate frisbee team! So if you disc, bruh, roll thru this AESOP. And if you don’t disc, that’s cool too! We’ll be a well-rounded bunch. I also sing in The Merimanders (a cappella group), so if you’re lookin for an AESOP with some nice little bedtime lullabies under the stars, hmu cause I can supply if need be. When it comes down to it, this is the trip for you if you like cool people, doin fun things in beautiful places (with yummy food that tastes even better after some decent mileage)!

The traverse of Saddleback’s ridges is known to stand out as one of Maine’s premier mountain ranges. Saddleback Mountain, part of the New England 4,000 footer list also includes Saddleback Junior, and the Horn, which provide spectacular views in all directions. Saddleback I starts at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain, the third highest peak in the state of Maine, and ascends to the summit, which offers unmatched views of the area and surrounding mountain ranges. Saddleback II begins at Piazza Rock and on the second night, the two trips have the opportunity to share stories around a campfire. This trip offers students to hike nearly twenty-four miles on the Appalachian Trail and experience the beauty of the mountains and valleys of Maine.

Mileage: 23 miles

*Saddleback I & II share the same itinerary, but are run in opposite directions.

Mahoosuc (Highest Physical Strenuousness)

Mahoosuc I Leaders: Gordon Hargraves and Pippin Evarts

Hi guys I’m Gordon Hargraves! I am junior here at Bates and I’m a part of the Man-Ops, a Capella group on campus. I was initially just Politics major but decided to add art history because I’m soft. I have 2 younger sisters and am the least attractive of the three. I sleep with a mouth guard, I’m gluten free (celiac disease, not just being bratty…but I am that too), I’m colorblind and if I was a milkshake I would be vanilla. I shop exclusively at co-ops and make my own pre-workout powder. Henna? I’ve got you! I’m bringing enough matching bandanas for the whole squad. I’m often described as a hardo but once you get to know me you find out I’m worse. I chose to lead a trip with Pippin because she brings up the Aesop pair like-able-ness average because she rocks. Written by Pippin.

Hi First-years! My name is Pippin Evarts and I’m wayyy too excited to smother whoever I get on my trip and establish myself as an authoritative motherly presence. If you’re looking for an AESOP leader who will be the last one to text you before you go to bed and the first one to email you when you wake up with a daily itinerary then I am the leader for you. On our trip, I’m looking forward to providing 95% of the groups positive energy and relying on Gordon for all of him immense wilderness knowledge. I took the first semester off Sophomore year to “find myself” but really, I just wanted to spend more time watching TLC’s Extreme Couponing! If you sign up for our trip get excited for an amazing hike, spectacular views and the peaceful sounds of my sleep apnea. Can wait to meet you all! Written by Gordon.

Mahoosuc II Leaders: Matt Glasgow and Hadley Moreau

As a child, Matt Glasgow slept on the chair lift, not due to lack of a familial home, but rather because he wanted to be the first person to carve the fresh pow at sunrise. When it was time to head to Bates his freshman year, instead of flying the 2,500 miles from SLC to Lewiston, he decided to walk, with nothing but three quarters in his pocket (for cheesecake at local diners) and his skis strapped to his back. When Matt isn’t hitting the slopes, wearing his fav pair of purple mini shorts (and losing them), reading about society (be a sociology major), or beating people up in IM soccer, you can probably find him enjoying a good cup o’ tea at the ronj, accompanied by any philosophical book that makes him question his place in the universe. Matt is full of hidden talents. As a child, for example, he won an art competition with his painting of a gray bird. Also, one time he trained his dog to paint the same gray bird. He is currently working on teaching the ducks by the Puddle to paint birds as well and hopes to have them fully trained by the time the next batch of first-years arrive on campus. If you like adventuring, life talks under the stars, birds that paint birds, and good times, you definitely want Matt as your leader.

Hadley Mae Moreau (aka Hads) hails from the distant Falmouth, Maine. She is in all forms, except physical, a golden retriever (yes she barks, no she doesn’t drool). In the fall and spring she bikes and goes on long trail runs in Thorncrag, and in the winter she skis until she passes out (actually). Hads is a huge nordic skier, and would say the greatest accomplishment of her career is “that one time I skied through the drive through at Dunkin Donuts.” Her biggest role model is Lorelai Gilmore- who was once described as “90% water and 10% caffeine” (season 1). Hads doesn’t quite have those stats yet, but thinks she might be in the 92% to 8% range. She is an Environmental Studies major on the pre-med track, and her favorite study spot on campus is a homemade lean-to on the quad. Things you are most likely to overhear her saying in commons: “I love compost! Wanna go sledding? Or, is it fruit pizza night?” Her preferred mode of transportation is rollerblades. She’s currently trying to figure out a way for us to blade to AESOP rather than drive.

This trip is crammed full of interesting highlights moving quickly from one to another including Old Speck Mountain, the precipitous descent of Mahoosuc Arm, Mahoosuc Notch, South Peak vista, and most of the Mahoosuc Range. After conquering one of the most difficult sections of the Appalachian Trail on either the second or third day, known as Mahoosuc Notch, where you will scale a glacier-carved gash, you will feel accomplished for sure! Crossing paths with other Batesies, you will have the opportunity to meet more determined hikers like yourselves and get to know your new classmates. The Mahoosuc Range provides a challenge to experienced hikers who are willing to push themselves and enjoy Maine and New Hampshire’s beautiful peaks.

Mileage: 23 miles

*Mahoosuc I & II share the same itinerary, but are run in opposite directions.

Franconia (Highest Physical Strenuousness)

Franconia I Leaders: Eli Nixon and Tess Miller

Heyo AESOPERS! Tess Miller, also known as ma’, hails from the faraway territory of Southern California. She has spent her 20 years of life on long beach runs, eating copious amounts of peanut butter (crunchy-unsalted, of course), and creating the perfect arrangement of Jibbitz on her Crocs. While Tess’s skiing skills are below that of a kindergartener, her rock climbing and ping pong abilities seriously raise the roof. Tess dreams of opening a brunch-restaurant one day, but until then, she is working hard (or hardly working?) as a  Senior biological-chemistry major at Bates College. Most importantly, Tess is a big ol’ goof with an even bigger heart and cannot wait to prance around the forest with ya’ll!

Howdy ladies and gents! Lemme tell you about my friend, and your future dad, Eli Nixon. Eli is a croc-sponsored Mainer who has a special place in his heart for BLT sandwiches and mini m&m’s. He is currently a Senior pre-med student (woah, kid genius) and hopes to be a Physician’s Assistant one day. When Eli isn’t hitting the books, he is busy catching waves at Popham Beach, road trippin’ to Sunday River with the Freestyle Ski Club, or tossing a disc with the Bates Ultimate Frisbee team. Although he has a life threatening fear of the lochness monster and pinky toes, Eli’s wilderness skills are outta this world and he could not be more pumped to lead you through the treacherous waters and woods of New Hampshire. So if you are into lame dad jokes and uncoordinated dance moves, you can count on Eli and I for a wild, wacky, and wonderful adventure!

Franconia II Leaders: Zoe McKinney and Carter Ros

Hi everybody, Carter here to introduce you all to my amazing, fun-sized co-leader, Zoe McKinney. Zoe is from North Conway, New Hampshire, home of the legendary (former AESOP Coordinator) Kurt Niiler and gateway to the White Mountains, coincidently the same mountain range we will be hiking in. Zoe is a sophomore and a member of the Nordic Ski Team here at Bates. For her AESOP, Zoe did Franconia II as well! This means when we get lost, all the blame will go on her! Zoe is famous at Bates for being able to eat an entire pizza from Commons in one bite and for mysteriously having a very deep, emotional connection with Clayton Spencer. Despite the fact that Zoe is only 5’1”, her personality is larger than life. Before coming to Bates, Zoe went to a Waldorf School where she learned to pitch a tent before she could read, which makes her much more qualified than myself; I still struggle to make my bed. (Sorry, Mom!) In all seriousness though, Zoe is going to be an amazing leader and we can’t wait to lead you through the beautiful New Hampshire wilderness! You are guaranteed to love all 5’1” of Zoe and to have a blast with her as a Co-Leader, or I will cut off both of my eyebrows. (That’s how confident I am you’ll love her) Can’t wait for all of you to meet Zoe and to climb some mountains!

Suup Bobcats!!!! My dear, tall friend Carter and I are so STOKED to be leading you on this crazy adventure that is the Franconia Ridge!!! Carter hails from the distant land of potatoes some call Idaho. He is known for his long, luscious locks that are finer than anyone else’s on campus, they are so fine that some may even say he resembles Jesus Christ himself! Carter is also a skier on the Nordic Ski team, though he also enjoys shreddin’ the gnar at Sunday River and Sugarloaf when New England weather decided to dump over 3ft on Snow on us in March!!! If you are ever looking for Carter on campus, you can usually find him by the wall of cereal (or the climbing wall) pouring himself a bowl of lucky charms for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any other snack. Though he does appear to be a giant (at 6’3” that should be legal giant height), he is the gentlest giant you will ever meet. We are both so excited to meet you guys in the fall, so if you want a good time filled with chocolate and the best cooking at all of Bates college, sign up for Franconia Ridge!!!!!!!!! It’s going to be “totally radical dude!”

This backpacking trip takes you through the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire summit-ing peaks and dipping into the valley to get a wide range of exposure to the wilderness. Located in the heart of the popular White Mountain National Forest, Franconia Notch is a spectacular mountain pass that offers a trip full of adventure and excitement. Merging with a section of the Appalachian Trail calls for some steep inclines and experienced hikers. You will summit Little Haystack, Mt. Lincoln, Lafayette, and Garfield and will walk the ridgeline to witness breathtaking views. Franconia Notch offers a beautiful hiking experience that is sure to be challenging yet rewarding.

Mileage: 32 miles

*Franconia I & II share the same itinerary, but are run in opposite directions.

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