Commencement Participation

All qualified students receive a degree of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science, which is conferred once a year at the Commencement ceremony following Short Term. Degrees are conferred only upon students who have completed all baccalaureate requirements as described in the Catalog, and who have no outstanding bills at the College.

Students who have 2.0 credits or fewer left to earn at the conclusion of Short Term may participate in Commencement upon approval of the Registrar. To be considered, they must submit their plan to complete their outstanding credits the following summer or fall semester.

Students who have more than 2.0 but 4.0 credits or fewer left to complete may petition the Registrar to participate in Commencement with their matriculating class only if there are exceptional circumstances, which are evaluated by the Registrar.

Approved students with pending credit are allowed to participate in all Commencement events and their names appear in the program, but they do not receive a diploma at graduation. Their degree is conferred at the next degree conferral date and the diploma mailed immediately following that date.

Commencement Participation Petition Form

Please complete this form and email it to