Planning a course

Before you propose a new course the CRC reminds you to be sure that your course does not cover the same material as another course in the curriculum. When planning a new course you’ll be asked about the following course elements:


You’ll need both a full title for the Catalog and a 30 character title for the transcript.

Course Level

The course number indicates the level of the course, with the exception of the first-year seminars, all of which are open only to first-year students. Generally in other cases, courses numbered 100 to 199 are introductory and open to first-year students. Courses numbered 200-299 are designed primarily for sophomores, juniors, and seniors, though many are also open to first-year students. Courses numbered 300-399 are designed for juniors and seniors. Courses at the 400 level represent specialized work for senior majors in the departments and programs.

Generally, Short Term courses are numbered accordingly: s10-s29 normally have no prerequisites, although they may require permission of the instructor; s30-s39 normally have prerequisites;
s40-s49 are designed primarily for majors; s50 is the designation for independent study.


Cross-listing is optional but requires approval of relevant chairs.

Enrollment Restrictions and Caps

CRC minimum enrollments for new courses:
39 or higher for access courses
29 or higher for non-access courses
15 for seminars
If you request a lower limit, you must provide a justification on the course proposal form.

General Education

Does your course fulfill any General Education requirements?
· Writing
For W1 and W2 courses, please review the guidelines for writing attentive courses at writing-attentive-courses/. For W3 courses, consult with our department/program chair. Plan your Writing designations accordingly, and check the W1, W2, or W3 checkbox on the course proposal form. The Writing Committee will review your request.
· Scientific Reasoning
· Laboratory or Fieldwork Experience
· Quantitative Reasoning
Go to to plan your S, L, and/or Q designations. When proposing your new course, check the S, L, and/or Q checkbox on the course proposal form. Once your course is approved you must then complete the appropriate General Education S, L, Q questionnaires in Garnet Gateway after the course has been approved (under the “Course Maintenance” menu click on “SLQ Designation.”

General Education Concentrations – GECs

Your course may be an important contribution to one or more GECs. To request inclusion in one or more GECs, contact the appropriate GEC Coordinator(s). To view the GECs in detail go to &d=GEC.

Narrative description and materials

You will be asked for a list of likely topics or a narrative description of the course as well as anticipated materials such as books, music, etc.

Catalog description

Please note, your chair will also be asked to answer the following questions regarding your proposal in no more than 100 words:
What is the expected demand for the course?
Below minimum justification (if relevant).
What is the role of this course in the curriculum?
Which course(s) will this course replace in the current curriculum if any?