Registration Overview & Academic Advising – New Students

Welcome to Bates! All of us here in Registrar’s Office are excited to have you join the Bates Community and assist you as you select your classes for the fall semester! Registration will be online and conducted through the Garnet Gateway and there will be opportunities to discuss course selections and questions with faculty advisors. The information below will give you an overview of how registration will work this summer. Please contact us at with any questions!

Logging into the Garnet Gateway

To get to the Garnet Gateway go to the main Bates web page at Click on “menu” at the top of the page. Click on the blue box labeled “Quad.” Under “top tasks” click on the “Garnet Gateway” box. This takes you to the Garnet Gateway login page. Log into the Garnet Gateway by entering your Bates ID number and your PIN, initially assigned to you by Admissions. You must change your PIN to something new the first time you log in.

How to Register

1. Find Fall Courses

The Schedule of Courses presents those courses that will be offered in the upcoming fall semester. Prior to registration beginning, you can view the courses in the Schedule of Courses from the New Student Welcome page in the Garnet Gateway by clicking on the “Home” button in the left corner and then clicking on “Search Schedule of Courses” in the teal box. The Schedule of Courses lists the courses to be offered in the upcoming fall semester, including instructors, class meeting times, enrollment limits, and room assignments. Clicking on the title of a course brings up the description and additional information. The Bates Catalog includes full course information for all courses in the curriculum, as well as major and minor requirements. Not all courses in the Bates Catalog are offered every semester.

2. Enter Course Preferences

When registration is open, log into the Garnet Gateway and click on “Registration – First-Year Seminar Preferences.” To find courses and enter your preference for a course, click “Search Schedule of Courses” and the Fall 2021 term should be showing. Click submit and you are taken to the Search page. From the Search page you can select the department(s)/program(s) you are interested in which is the most common way to search the curriculum. Other search criteria are also available. Once the course offerings page comes, up click in the checkbox to the left of the course section(s) you want and then click the “Register” button at the bottom of the page. Your course selections are not saved until you click the “Register” button. Be sure to view the results on the “Entering Students Registration” page. As you are viewing the course offerings, a “C” in place of the checkbox means the course is already full and/or closed.

3. First-Year Seminars Are First

You’ll be selecting your First-Year Seminar first as your instructor will be your first-year advisor and they’ll be able to assist you with the second registration process later in August where you’ll select the rest of your courses for the fall (modules “A” and “B”). Since First-Year Seminars are limited to 15 students each, please submit your first choice as well as 4 alternates.

4. Preferences and Alternates

As you add each course section from the schedule search page it will be marked “use as alternate.” Once you have four potential First-Year Seminars on the “Entering Students Registration” page, select the one that is your preferred FYS and use the “change status” pull-down menu to change it to “preferred course” and click “submit changes.”

5. Filling Your Schedule with Additional Courses

When we get to the second portion of registration beginning August 4th, you’ll be selecting the rest of your fall semester courses.

As before with the First-Year Seminars, as you add each course section from the schedule search page it will be marked “use as alternate.” Once you have 6-8 courses on the “Entering Students Registration” page, select 3 courses (you already have your First-Year Seminar) which are your preferred courses for the fall and use the “change status” pull-down menu to change each of those 4 courses to “preferred course” and click “submit changes.”

Be sure you have looked at the meeting time of each preferred course to be sure they don’t have a time conflict!

That leaves several courses as “alternates” which we’ll use in case you don’t get all 4 preferred courses.

Note: When selecting courses and alternates you don’t need to select more than one section of the same course. For example: If PSYC 101 A is offered at 8:00am and PSYC 101 B is offered at 1:10pm and you select PSYC 101 A and don’t get into it, we’ll automatically try to get you into PSYC 101 B.

Also note:

  • When entering course preferences, error messages may appear. They include time conflicts, failure to meet a prerequisite requirement, failure to select a required linked discussion or laboratory section, etc. If an error appears, you are not registered for the course. Follow this link for a chart of common errors and how to correct them:
  • Not all courses have spaces or are available for first-years. Be sure to look at the current enrollments and course attributes in the schedule.
  • 200-level courses are only open first-years if so noted in the attribute column. Sample course results from the Search Schedule of Courses:

Sample of course search

Look-up Courses
Sample of a course with multiple laboratories: If a course has a lab (L1, L2, L3, etc.) or discussion (D1, D2, D3, etc.) you must register for a lecture section as well as one lab/discussion at the same time.

Look-up Courses with lab

Summer 2021 Registration Timetable

1) Course Selection for First-Year Seminars – July 19, 10:00 am – July 23, 4:00 pm

Any time between July 19th (10:00 am EDT) and July 23th (4:00 pm EDT), log in and select your preferred First-Year Seminar and 4 alternate First-Year Seminars (see instructions above)

Choosing a First-Year Seminar
Enrolling in a first-year seminar is strongly encouraged. You will have the opportunity to take a small-sized course especially designed for first-year students and the instructor of your seminar will also be your academic advisor. First-Year Seminars also satisfy your first-year writing, [W1], requirement.

2) Request your additional preferred courses and alternates – August 4, 10:00 am – August 10, 4:00 pm

Now that you have a First-Year Seminar, any time between August 4th (10:00 am EDT) and August 10th (4:00 pm EDT), log in and select your additional preferred 3 courses for the fall and 4 alternates (see instructions above). Four courses is the standard courseload per semester.

3) Review Your Fall Schedule – Beginning August 20

Between August 11th and August 20th the Registrar’s Office will assign students into the courses they requested, randomly assigning students into the spaces in limited courses. You may then view the results of optimization and see which courses you gained entrance to beginning the afternoon August 20th by logging into Garnet Gateway and looking at your “View Course Schedule” page. This shows your current schedule after limited courses have been randomly filled. If you are happy with this schedule you are done!

4) Adjusting your Schedule (Add/Drop)

If you need to make changes to your schedule or add additional courses, a Registration Adjustment period, also known as “Add/Drop” will be available for all students beginning August 31st.