BCB Members

The BCSG Budgets & Clubs Board (BCB) is composed entirely of student members, and consists of one chair and general members. BCB is best contacted by emailing bcb@bates.edu.

Please find a list of members below, along with the club(s) in which they are active members. BCB members are not allowed to take part in discussions about, vote on, or influence in any way decisions regarding the business of the club(s) in which they actively participate.


Amelia Mountford ’22

  • No club memberships

General Members

Abhi Agarwal ’23

  • College Democrats

Cooper Andrews ’22

  • No club memberships.

Sarah Bennett ’22

  • No club memberships.

Fiona Cohen ’23

  • College Guild at Bates
  • WRBC

Elizabeth Cullen ’21

  • Coding Club
  • Fat Cats Competitive Eating Club
  • Investment Club

Elizabeth Fairman ’21

  • Reproductive Justice Alliance
  • WRBC

Christen Fields ’23

  • Women of Color

Christopher Nessel ’22

  • Investment Club

Kendall Williams ’23

  • Asian American Students in Action (AASIA)
  • Bates Christian Fellowship
  • Gospelaires
  • Mays’ Men
  • Women of Color