Student Fellowship/Internship Grants

Financial Matters

Bates offers a number of student fellowship and internship opportunities that help students develop the skills and background needed to undertake ambitious research projects and explore career fields beyond the classroom instruction.

For a listing of many of the student research grants and community-based learning opportunities, please visit the Student Fellowship/Internship Grants home page.

Bates student fellowship and internship grants provide opportunities for academic enrichment, service learning, career discovery, and academically enhancing employment.  Payments in support of student research and career exploration can take the form of internship payments, payments for wages, or payments for expenses.

Fellowship and Internship Payments
Grants and awards are considered fellowship or internship payments for tax purposes if the primary purpose of the payment is to further the academic work or research training of the student, and the research project is specifically tailored to the student’s individual training, thesis work or other individual academic pursuits.  A Fellowship/Internship Payment Request Form must be completed by the grant or program administrator and submitted to the Payroll Office for payment.

Please see Student Fellowship/Internship Tax Considerations for additional information.

Payments for Wages
Student payments from research grants that provide research services, support, or outcomes that are either recurring, requested by, structured by, or primarily benefit the community partner or the College, including individual faculty projects, are considered taxable wages.  Research grants that provide learning opportunities without a component of required academic follow-up, such as a poster presentation or similar required reflection, are included in this category.

Payment for wages are based on an hourly rate and are arranged through the Student Employment Office.  Students must coordinate with their supervisor to complete the hiring process.

Student Community Work-Study grants are considered taxable wages and are paid based on an hourly rate through the Student Employment Office.

Payments for Expenses
Students research grants that provide funds for expenses such as supplies or travel are paid through Accounts Payable on a cost-reimbursement basis and must be supported with original receipts for expenses incurred and a completed Payment Request Form or Travel and Expense Report in order to obtain reimbursement.