Additional Travel Information

Important Travel Expense Considerations

Other reimbursable travel expenses may include, but are not limited to, taxi and shuttle fares, business telephone calls, luggage storage, and laundry service (for trips of more than five days). All such expenses must be itemized and receipts furnished for any individual items.

Expenses of a personal nature such as child/animal/home care, commuting to and from work, personal identification documents such as a driver’s license, state issued ID or passport, personal entertainment and recreation, personal clothing or accessories, medications and medical needs, magazines, books, newspapers, or other reading materials, etc., are not eligible for reimbursement.  Lost and stolen luggage, clothing and other personal items are the responsibility of the traveler. Recovery for personal losses may be possible through the individual’s homeowner’s insurance. The College will not reimburse for the replacement or loss of any of these items.

Expenses incurred by spouses or others who accompany employees on College business will not be reimbursed unless they have been specifically approved prior to departure.

Travel Agency

College travelers may choose to make travel arrangements through online vendors, directly with airlines and hotels or through a variety of other means consistent with the goal of keeping College expenses to a minimum.

For assistance in making travel arrangements, the College has chosen Dube Travel as a preferred vendor to provide travel services to employees and students traveling on College business.

Spouse, Companion, Family Travel

The College will not reimburse employees for the travel expenses of spouses, companions or dependents who accompany faculty or other employees on College travel except in unusual and pre-approved circumstances.

Approved reimbursements for Spouse, Companion and Family travel are considered taxable wages by the IRS and will be included in the employees wage Form W-2.

Faculty and staff traveling under the auspices of the Office of the Dean of the Faculty should consult the Guidelines for Traveling with Family Members.

Travel Expense Authorization

Authorization for travel expense reimbursements must be approved by the appropriate Department Head, Dean or Vice President having budgetary and/or oversight responsibility.  The Treasurer’s Office will approve reimbursement requests for members of Senior Staff and the President.