Employee and Department Charge Cards

To obtain an employee or department charge card, individuals must submit a request by email to the Assistant Controller. An application will then be sent via Adobe Sign.

Please contact the Assistant Controller immediately if a charge card is lost or stolen, or fraudulent use is suspected.

Employee Charge Cards

It is often necessary for College personnel to be away from home for several days or sometimes weeks to conduct College business.  To cover expenses while traveling, an employee may obtain an employee charge card with the approval of his/her Supervisor; a Dean or Vice President’s signature is required for monthly charge limits in excess of $5,000.  Employee charge cards are issued to individual employees and are the responsibility of the individual whose name appears on the card.  Please note:  employee charge cards are not personal credit cards and are not attached to the employee’s Social Security Number or credit score in any way.

Employee charge cards will be issued for official College business only.  Personal expenses should not be charged to employee charge cards. To obtain reimbursement for College expenses charged on an employee charge card, cardholders will need to submit a Travel and Expense Report (also see Business Expense and Travel Reimbursement.) The College will promptly reimburse employees for all reasonable and necessary business expenses, in accordance with the Business Expense & Travel Policy, upon submission of a completed and approved Travel and Expense Report.  It is important to note that employee charge card balances must be paid in full each month; balances due cannot be carried forward.

Expenses charged to employee charge cards are billed to the cardholder’s home billing address on a monthly basis, and it is the responsibility of the cardholder to make full and timely payment to the card provider (J.P. Morgan). The College will not reimburse cardholders for late fees and/or finance charges that may result from failure to make full and timely payment or other non-compliance, depending on the level of non-compliance as outlined below.

 Department Charge Cards

Departments with purchases/payments of $30,000 or more annually may request a Department Charge Card.  For fraud protection purposes, department charge cards must be issued in the department employee’s name who will be responsible for the card.  Department cards are subject to all of the Employee Charge Card policies, with the following additions:

  • Department charge cards should not be used for individual employee travel, see Employee Charge Cards above.
  • In order to comply with federal tax reporting requirements, department charge cards may not be used for payment for services.
  • Department charge cards may be used for group travel (2 or more people) when there is a need or benefit for the group to travel as a unit in accordance with a group itinerary.
  • Statements will be delivered to the Cardholder’s department address.
  • Cardholders must electronically code each transaction with the business purpose and accounting information on the J.P. Morgan (PaymentNet) website and itemized receipts must be electronically attached to each transaction.  Charge card addenda records may be used as receipts when they contain itemized details pertaining to the purchase.
  • This process should be completed consistently during the month. Card holders are responsible for notifying their card approvers when transactions are reviewed and ready for approval.
  • The supervisor (or a designee other than the Cardholder) must go online to the J.P. Morgan (PaymentNet) website and electronically approve (finalize) each transaction for ledger posting.
  • If the supervisor has authorized another individual to finalize the electronic information, such updates may only be done after the supervisor has reviewed and approved the transactions, and signed the monthly cardholder statement.
  • All transactions must be reviewed and approved by the 20th of the following month.
  • If more information is needed, please consult the Cardholder Reference sheet or Card Approver Reference sheet as needed.


Resolutions for Non-Compliance

Level   Example   Action
Level 1
  • charging personal items
  • any unauthorized charges
  • failure to make full and timely payment to the card provider
  • failure to submit department charge card statement & itemized receipts and complete online approval by the 20th of each month


  • for personal  or unauthorized charges, the card will be cancelled and disciplinary action may be taken
  • unpaid balances more than 30 days past due will prompt a financial hold on the individual’s account and may require an employee Payroll Advance in order to settle the outstanding balance
  • if department charge card statement & itemized receipts are not submitted by due date, the card will be temporarily suspended
Level 2
  • any act of deception or fraud by the cardholder or repeated non-compliance with this policy
  • cancellation of card followed by corrective action, up to and including termination