Sponsored Grants & Contracts

Employees whose travel is funded by a sponsored grant or contract must ensure that all procedures and restrictions of the sponsoring organization are followed.

Sponsors (including the Federal Government) may impose procedures that are more restrictive, and in some cases may deny reimbursement.  Federally funded sponsored projects are subject to the guidelines set forth in 2 CFR, Part 200 Uniform Guidance, (200.475) Travel Cost.

  • Air Travel – U.S. carriers should be used for all domestic air travel. Air travel to a foreign country must be on a U.S. carrier, if available.  Please contact Sponsored Programs and Research Compliance if you are contemplating traveling on a foreign carrier and expect to charge the cost to your federal award.
  • Alcohol – The federal government has mandated that no alcohol may be charged as either a direct or indirect expense of federally sponsored projects.  Consequently, under no circumstances should alcohol be charged to a federal grant or contract account.
  • Entertainment – Costs of entertainment,  including amusement, diversion, and social activities and any associated costs are unallowable.