Expenses not Permitted

The following items of expense are not permitted for payment or reimbursement with College funds:

  • political contributions.
  • employee gifts, flowers, and recognition expenses.  Department heads and directors should refer to the Employee Handbook for more information.
  • expenses for personal items such as clothing, tissues, candy and refreshments, coffee and coffee supplies, band-aids, aspirin, medications or medical supplies, artwork for offices, expensive desk accessories, and kitchen appliances and supplies other than those available in common spaces.
  • alcoholic beverages purchased outside of a meal and alcoholic beverages on federal grant funds (see Alcohol included in Meals & Lodging).
  • damaged, lost, or stolen personal property, including applicable insurance deductibles.
  • expenses for personal services such as child care, pet care, lawn care, and home maintenance.
  • local accommodations, in proximity to the College campus, for overnight stay due to adverse weather conditions or to allow an employee to attend early/late meetings or events.  See Meals & Lodging for more information.
  • commuting to and from work.  Business travel mileage is reimbursed based on the shorter distance of home or the College to the work location.  See Transportation Expenses for more information.

Additional expense considerations:

  • Charitable contributions and donations of College funds are generally not permitted.  The College receives many generous grants and contributions in support of student and academic programs; such funds should not be redesignated for other purposes.  College resources including revenue from tuition and fees are generated to support the academic mission and programs of the College and should not be donated as charitable contributions.