Biology welcomes Andrew Mountcastle as our new functional morphologist

Andrew Mountcastle

Andrew M. Mountcastle

The Department of Biology is very pleased to welcome Dr. Andrew Mountcastle as our newest tenure-track faculty member. A functional morphologist with a specialty in biomechanics, Andrew’s research focuses on the broad question of “how organisms move through complex, dynamic and often unpredictable environments, and how their morphology reflects adaptations to these locomotory challenges.”

Andrew will be teaching the Comparative Anatomy of Chordates course on a regular basis as well as participating in teaching Bio 190 – Organismal Biology. We look forward to an interesting array of elective courses that he’ll develop going forward.

Andrew earned a BS in Physics at Bowdoin College ’01 (that OTHER school down the road) and completed his PhD in Zoology at the University of Washington in Seattle in the Daniels lab. Most recently he has been doing post-doctoral research on development of robotic flying insects in the Wood lab at Harvard University. In addition to his scholarly work, Andrew created and directed an ongoing, innovative outreach program connecting Boston-area science teachers with Harvard graduate students and postdocs for educational enrichment services.

We are so pleased to welcome Andrew and his family into the Bates community! Welcome!