AESOP Leader Position Description

Prior to the first-year orientation AESOP trips, upperclass student leaders arrive on campus early for training. This page contains information about how upperclass students are selected for the positions of AESOP leaders and the skills that they gain during our pre-AESOP training (‘leadership week’).

Central to the mission of AESOP is to create spaces for students to  connect authentically. In our hiring process, we will be looking for leaders with a wide variety of skill sets, all designed to create inclusive spaces that foster connection. We seek leaders who are excited about designing the many types of experiences that all make up the AESOP program.

We highly encourage you to apply to be an AESOP leader. Previous outdoor experience is not an advantage in the selection of AESOP leaders. AESOP leaders are rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors. For AESOP 2020, applications are due on January 24th, 2020 at 11:59 pm. We will hold interviews* for all applicants in January and February and send out decisions mid-February.

Skills We’re Hiring For

  • Ability to foster a culture and experience that is inclusive of all genders, cultures, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and identities
  • Commitment to AESOP as a first year experience meant for the benefit of the incoming class
  • Demonstrated cultural awareness and sensitivity
  • Willingness and excitement to spend time designing an awesome trip
  • Commitment to risk management as a culture
  • Respect for and communication with co-leader
  • Excitement about and commitment to creating lasting connections with first-years
  • Agreement between co-leaders about what kind of trip you are interested in leading (something you are BOTH comfortable with and excited about)

**If you are applying to a technical trip (backpacking, rock climbing, mountain biking, etc.) you must have experience in the activity.  We also have many trips that are not technical (farm trips, day tripping, community engagement, etc.) that we are excited for new leaders to take on!

Note: Due to significant leadership responsibilities and vital interaction with both upperclass and new students, all applicants will be vetted for conduct and ethical concerns through a Conduct Review process, via the Office of Student Support and Community Standards and the Office of Title IX and Civil Rights Compliance.

Certifications Earned During Leadership Week

  • Wilderness First Aid Certification (WFA)
  • Green Dot Certification
  • Bates Van Certification
  • Educational Trip Leader Permit (for backcountry trip leaders only)

A Few of the Skills Practiced During Leadership Week

  • Facilitating positive small-group experiences
  • Building a cohesive and inclusive group dynamic
  • Interpersonal conflict resolution
  • “Leave No Trace” practices
  • Emergency safety skills and procedures
  • Trip specific skills (how to use a camp stove, how to pack a hiking backpack, basic knots, tent/tarp set up, navigation skills, canoe safety procedures

Note: Every leader goes on a ‘leadership trip’ with other AESOP leaders to try out new skills and practice for the real deal! These trips are similar to the trips that you will be leading with your first years (ex. if you are doing a basecamping trip, your leadership trip will also be basecamping).

Sample Interview Questions

  • Scenario: What are some strategies you could use to make sure that all of your first years feel included when you first meet them?
  • What are some meaningful leadership opportunities you have had at Bates or elsewhere?
  • What kind of trip would you be interested in leading? See: