Supports for Undocumented and DACA Students

A Note for Prospective Students

Bates College welcomes all students to apply regardless of citizenship status.

On-Campus Resources

One of your resources and supports related to your status during your time at Bates is Darren Gallant, Associate Dean & Director of the Center for Global Education. You can contact him at, or make an appointment with him on BatesReach. Darren is available to all students who immigration status may be insecure or in flux. He is available to help you navigate Bates’ resources and connect you appropriately to these resources in a manner that protects your privacy.

Navigating U.S. immigration laws can be a difficult and complicated process. Options for students requiring individual legal assistance for immigration matters may include seeking representation through private attorneys, non-profit legal service providers that may require a means-tested assessment and residence requirements for services, and/or law school clinics providing immigration legal services, depending on individual needs and circumstances. When assessing options for legal assistance and/or engaging an attorney, students should take care to understand the scope of representation, including fees required, and be aware of and avoid individuals engaged in the unlawful practice of law (i.e. “notarios”). Students with questions about seeking legal resources outside of Bates, may contact Darren Gallant for assistance in understanding the landscape of resources.

Additional Campus Resources