Transferring Schools

Have you been accepted to a graduate program in the U.S., or are you transferring to another college/university in the U.S. to complete your undergraduate degree?

If so, you can likely have your current F-1 immigration record transferred to your new institution.


If you are currently an F-1 student at Bates College, and your I-20 program end date has not passed or has passed fewer than 60 days ago, you are eligible for a SEVIS transfer. If you have graduated and are currently maintaining status with Post-Completion OPT or the STEM extension, or if your period of Post-Completion OPT or the STEM extension has ended fewer than 60 days ago, you are eligible for a SEVIS transfer.

To apply for an F-1 SEVIS record transfer, please submit:
F-1 Transfer-Out form

In the form, you will be asked to provide:

  • Biographical information (name, Bates student ID #, SEVIS ID)
  • Information about your new program and school, including the new school’s SEVIS School Code (obtained from your new school)
  • A copy of your admission letter to your new school
  • Your requested transfer date (month, date, year). This is the date on which your SEVIS record will be moved from Bates College to the new school. This date must be in the future and within 60 days of your last date of attendance at Bates College or within 60 days of your OPT end date.
  • If applicable: A copy of the completed transfer form from your new school

The Center for Global Education office will then set up your SEVIS transfer to take place on the requested transfer date, and we will confirm with you via email. If you have given us a transfer form to fill out, we will provide you with the completed form so that you can pass it along to your new school.

Important notes about the F-1 SEVIS transfer:
  • You are only eligible to transfer your record to another school if the program start date at your new institution is within five months of your last day of attendance at Bates College or the end date of your Post-Completion OPT.
  • Your on-campus employment and/or OPT authorization ends on the transfer release date.
  • You may continue to use your current F-1 visa if it has not expired. If/when it expires, you should apply for a new F-1 visa with the I-20 issued by your new school.
  • You do not need to depart the U.S. between programs. You may remain in F-1 status for the duration of the transfer, and may therefore remain in the U.S. if you so choose.